Tips to Make Your Salon Stand Out

salon stand out

With many towns boasting as many as 10 beauty salons within a 2 mile radius, you really do need to stand out in the marketplace, but how do you do it ?

Firstly, YOU must know what sets you apart. Many fail by claiming to be something they are very clearly not. A whole lot of salons follow the lead of another and never find their true identity or discover their true potential – avoid being one of them and make your salon stand out!

Sit with a big sheet of paper and pen, identifying your businesses strengths and what you feel you do head and shoulders above your competitors and why your clients love what you do. Don’t forget to ask your clients too…they love being involved. Your uniqueness can come from price point, quality level, treatment or product choices, etc, etc.

You need to be exceptionally clear on where you excel and also who your ideal client is. This all creates your brand and strong business ethos. You cannot build a strong brand by trying to be something to everyone. I always recommend to write a Philosophy statement stating exactly what you want your business to be projecting to your clientele and never ever stray from those values.

Once you have established what makes your business so unique and your services invaluable to your clients then you need to make sure it reflects in every single angle of your business. Use your strengths and differences to make your salon stand out so much that everyone knows exactly what makes you special from the sea of similar salons.

Susan Routledge works with salons, spas and clinics to help them to get the most out of their businesses. You can contact Susan here>>