Could Technology Shut Down Your Salon?

Susan Routledge Salon ConsultancyI am sure, like me, you’ve noticed the increase in salons sprouting up around every corner in towns and cities. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that only the good ones survive…but will technology be our new competitor soon?

Staying ahead of the game and equipping yourself with savvy business knowledge will always be key to business survival.

So the question is…

Could Technology Shut Down Your Salon?

I’ve just returned from a really interesting business seminar where we looked at what the future holds for businesses. And, specifically, the jobs – and entire industries – that will become obsolete, and sooner than you might think!

For example, did you know that driverless cars are already operating in California? Before long we will see this phenomenon in your local area, mark my words. Have you heard how Amazon are developing drone technology to deliver our parcels? Automation is happening all around us, whether we like it or not.

The good news is… our industry is safe. For now.

I think it will be a long time before a robot will perform a relaxing massage or a set of individual lashes… or will it? After all, robots are already performing intricate surgery!

All of this really got me thinking about a conversation I had with a business analyst many years ago. His words of wisdom have always stuck in my head.
He said that anyone trying to run a business was sure to fail, if they don’t keep up to speed. And what worked 5 years ago, simply won’t work today.

This is so true. In fact, we see it all of the time.

Businesses are going bust because of how the world is changing and evolving. No one is immune.

A few years ago who ever thought the retail giant HMV would be in trouble? Now, due to the digital download revolution, that’s exactly what’s happened.

Camera retailer Jessops were hit hard on two fronts—by the emergence of how people now purchase on Amazon, and by the amazing camera technology now found on almost every smartphone today. Jessops couldn’t adapt quickly enough and they went under.

You may not be a retail giant, but these modern day technological changes can and DO affect you, me, and our competitors. Without a doubt, there will be far fewer manual jobs in the future, which will result in less salaried incomes.

How can you make sure that your business is “future proof” from the rapidly changing world?

It’s really simple. We do what successful businesses have always done.
We innovate, and stay on top.

Your business must be the best version it can be to stand head and shoulders above the competition. You simply cannot afford to stand still.

You must have a business that’s attractive to work for, and to buy from, to stave off competition. That means a great team offering fantastic treatments, resulting in outstanding client retention.

You must also have excellent business skills, rock solid systems and be able to learn from the best people who stay ahead of the game. That’s how we will thrive in an increasingly savvy, hyper-competitive world.

Now is the time to start thinking about your skills. And increasing those skills, sooner rather than later. Progress marches on, and won’t wait for you to catch up.

It’s crucial to set aside time to learn the best business practices to improve your knowledge and give yourself a competitive edge. And, where possible, seek the advice of people who are already successful in your industry.

That’s why I strongly recommend attending Professional Beauty North in Manchester on September 18th and 19th.

This year’s Professional Beauty North features the best speaker line-up I have seen to date, packed full of leading industry experts. During the event you’ll have access to over 20 dedicated business seminars where you will learn from experts who know what it takes to stay ahead of the game amid tough competition, and through all the latest changes in this increasingly digital world.

From business basics such as learning how to price correctly….
…. to becoming an award standard salon, improving your social media, and so much more.

And yes, I’ll be there too as I’ve been asked to give two different business talks:

  1. How to have a Cash Rich salon that gives you True Freedom
  2. How to Increase Retail Sales whilst improving the customer experience.

It’s a complete salon training event, with up-to-date strategies and tactics for our modern day business challenges. And, even though I might be a little biased, I believe this event is ESSENTIAL for enhancing your knowledge and skills when it comes to running, growing and thriving with your salon in 2016 and beyond.

And the good news is…Registration for the show is FREE and each seminar is only £5! Not a bad investment, especially when you consider the potential Return of Investment from a truly successful salon.

Oh!…and one more thing…

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I hope to meet you there and help you to grow your Salon to brand new heights!

Here’s to your salon’s success,

Susan x