How To Beat The Salon Discount Wars

salon Discount wars

Currently, It seems that everywhere you turn there is a deal site offering beauty, hair and aesthetic services at ridiculously low prices.
There just seems to be an insurgence of deals on discount sites and on every street corner ready to entice your clients away from your business, and possibly never to return.

I have spoken to so many salon owners totally downtrodden by this and on the brink of jumping in to join the others in the discount culture.
If this is you too, then please beware that discounting is a slippery road to nowhere.

With the right strategy, many salons are rejecting this deal mania and actually strengthening their business through it all.

There are so many things you can do rather than discounting, and I’m going to let you in on some of these here that have worked really well:
• EXCEPTIONAL client care needs to be the norm in your salon. You have to raise your level of customer service to a point where your services become ‘price irrelevant’. When your customer service is exceptional, you will be rewarded with client loyalty.

• You really do need to keep in touch with your clients between salon visits. Send them useful, informative beauty tips as well as relevant news on new treatments. Do this and you will really stand out as an expert in your client’s eyes. This interaction will also keep the client distracted from the deal sites offers.

• Don’t pay too much attention to what other salons are doing—instead totally focus on delivering quality treatments and service to the clients you already have to keep them loyal, and returning, to you. The deal site will tell you they are there to bring you in new business, but often these deals customers aren’t the clients you would want in your business. Most of these people simply go from one offer to the next without becoming loyal to any of the salons they visit.
Think about this for a minute—if your salon runs a cut-price deal and becomes very busy with people who don’t return for your full-price services, what happens to your regular clients who can’t get an appointment with you anymore because you are too busy servicing these cut-price people?
Your regular clients leave you. I have seen businesses in the UK go bust when regular and previously loyal clients have left the salon never to return, for this very reason.

• Focus fully on the clients you have. Work out who your ideal client is, and totally focus on marketing to them. The reality is that not every client wants offers. They want to be made to feel special and part of your business, and not just another number that comes through your door.

• Stay true to your pricing and don’t discount. Once you slash prices you devalue your business in your clients’ eyes. Drop your prices and it’s extremely difficult to get them back up again. Think about the message you’re sending to your client when you discount—you are saying to your client that you can afford to perform the treatment cheaper…even though you really can’t.

• My experience has always been that clients would rather have a special treat to make them feel valued and special. This could be something as simple as offering an eyebrow shape as a complimentary gift with their facial treatment. It costs you little more than 5 minutes extra time, but is of high value to a client. Look at the special extra little touches you can add to treatments to turn them into signature treatments. When it’s your very own signature treatment, clients won’t be able to find what you are offering on any deal site.

• A good way to make sure you are offering the best ever service is to picture your clients as INVESTORS in your business. Enroll them into your imaginary Exclusive VIP membership that has no contract so can leave at any time. What things would you do differently to keep these members? This goes far beyond any usual loyalty scheme. You would keep in touch, host events, have special treats, etc…

The two absolute most important things that you must implement are…

1. You MUST rebook clients every time before they leave your salon. If possible, book further ahead than just their next appointment.
If your clients’ appointments are already made, they tend not to look elsewhere. It amazes me how salons let clients leave and then keep their fingers crossed that they will remember when they are due to return. Again you could incentivize the client. You could offer an extra complimentary treatment for every 6th booking when they book in advance. Have a re-booking script for the team to follow, informing clients that it is best to book ahead to get the time slot they want.

2. Always ensure that your clients have more than one service with you. It has been proven that client loyalty will be around 50% if they receive one treatment from you. This percentage moves to 75% with two services, 85% with three, and 95% if they receive four different services from you. If your clients book different services with you, then you have a far greater chance of keeping them.

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Petty Theft Or Innocent Neglect?

watching out for petty theft in salons

Now here’s a delicate subject: are your staff or clients stealing from you? If you’re thinking “No, of course not!”, but only have trust and faith to back you up, then I hope you’re not in for a shock.

I’m constantly staggered by the number of salon owners I speak to who either know that petty theft is happening in their business and do nothing about it or have absolutely no way of checking for certain. They see it as an acceptable risk or just part and parcel of ownership. But is it really?

Sweat the small stuff

The vast majority of employees aren’t looking to be on the take, but your lax practice can be easy to take advantage of, especially if you seem distracted or out of your depth. Think about your cashing-up process. Do you demand precision accountancy every single day, or do you ignore the odd tenner shortfall for “client discounts”?
Are your stock takes intermittent? In fact, do you actually know exactly how much stock you have?

Do you measure how much product is used in your treatments? Overuse can literally double your treatment costing and severely damage your profit margins.

Maybe you let staff enjoy cut-price products and treatments – nothing wrong with that – but is every discount properly recorded? Do you log all products in and out in exact quantities and do you always know who’s getting your discounted treatments? If you’re unsure how to answer any of those questions, you’re opening yourself up to problems.
It all mounts up

It’s estimated that small businesses lose at least £100 per month to petty theft or sloppy stock control. That’s £1,200 per year – minimum – of pure profit. Obviously, you wouldn’t stand in your front door and empty a bag full of £20 notes onto the street so there’s no reason you should let your hard-won revenue slip away like this either.

I know it’s tough to confront. There’s no joy in rocking the boat, I get that. But where are you going to draw the line? Is it when the cash starts disappearing from the till, or stock takes never add up and profits continue to slide? Or when that £1,200 in lost revenue turns into £3,000… or £5,000 a year? When will you take action to have accurate control?
Need help?

Everything I write about always comes from personal experience. I understand the consequences of feeling out-of-control and drained, both financially and emotionally.

Every member of Beauty Directors Club can book a Free personal call with me, to talk in confidence with someone who’s been there and who won’t judge you, it honestly feels great to open up. I can tell you how I fixed my situation and took back control. It’s not as hard as you think and I now help so many salon owners to do the same.

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I look forward to learning more about you and your business in our personal call.

Here’s to your great business success,

Losing Customers – Here’s Why

Loosing customers and to aviod in your salon

As a hair or beauty business, you want to make a consistent, great impression on your client, whether he or she is a loyal regular or someone coming to the salon for the first time.

While some first impressions can nowadays be formed through your website, online booking process or social media profile, your receptionist is still very much the “gatekeeper” of your business. He or she is the person a client will encounter first – and you can’t afford to get this first interaction wrong.
Here are 5 simple tips for your team.

  2. I really do not think that there are an army of clients trying to scupper your business by not showing up. Clients simply have busy lives and it is down to us to keep our client’s appointment time in their minds.

    You should always confirm the appointment at least 24-hours prior, by text or telephone. If a client doesn’t show on the day, contact them to make sure they are OK and reschedule.
    Most clients will be extremely apologetic and grateful for the call. But the key is, if you don’t contact them, then they may be too embarrassed to return.
    (I will be covering the topic of, the for and against of cancellation policies in a follow up email soon)

  4. I find it incredibly disrespectful when a regular client gets moved from one column to another without being asked or consulted.
    When taking a booking, always repeat back to a client their appointment time, treatment and who the appointment is with at the time of booking. These details should now be set in stone, unless there are circumstances completely out of your control.

    If you do have to change an appointment, the client should always be fully informed and give their approval. Change without client acknowledgement at your peril!
    This should be no different with new clients. The client may have noted who their appointment is with and will feel totally undervalued instantly at their first, and possibly as a result, their only ever visit to you.

  6. Always introduce yourself and preferably wear a name badge. One sure way to make a client feel worthless is to refer to them in a three-way conversation as “he”, “she”, “him” or “her”.
    Always ensure you remember a client’s name – and know the preferred name they wish to be addressed by, and then use it frequently during the conversation.
    In written correspondence, where possible either always use a person’s name or a simple “hi” but never, ever refer to a client as “Dear client”. This is so impersonal!

  8. If you need to contact a client and cannot get in touch, please only ever leave a message on a personal mobile phone. Never leave a personal message with a family member or friend, or on a landline answerphone.

    Remember, it is a client’s own private choice to visit you, and you may be breaking their confidence and trust in you by revealing to a third party that they use your services.
    If necessary, only ever leave a personal name, along with a contact number requesting for the client to call you back. Never mention the business name unless you are 100% certain that you are not divulging unknown information.

  10. I always say that there is one thing you don’t ever know about a client – and that is what they don’t want you to know. When a client arrives, you don’t know what kind of day they have had, or what is truly going on within their work, family or life in general.

    If a client does arrive in a less than pleasant mood, it is essential to read the situation and never, ever react. There is a saying “attitude breeds attitude” and it takes very little to accelerate a situation.

Always stay 100% professional, as there is a strong possibility that the client is unaware that their behaviour and attitude is noticeable to you.

Have a written policy and verbally go through the steps you expect your team to take if a client ever makes them feel uncomfortable due to their actions. It is not acceptable for a member of your team to tolerate aggression or abuse. Calling on someone senior and more experienced to help and intervene will normally result in a client apologising for their behaviour and your calming actions will help diffuse the stressful day they have previously experienced.

These tips are taken from my book, The Little Book of Client Retention, rrp £9.99, which can be downloaded for free, for this month only, when you join Beauty Entrepreneurs Hub. Click to join now and meet up with me and over 300 other salon owners supporting each other in our great private facebook community.

My Salon Insurance Claim Scare And What You Can Learn From It

insurance for your beauty salon and how it can save you

Have You ever had a Salon Insurance Claim Scare?

I did. Read here how I overcame the experience and my lessons learnt…

This is something that I have never really talked about but it seems so appropriate in light of a new safety guidelines booklet released this month.
I’ve got the guideline download for you too.

My experience and this can happen to any of us

In this ever-increasing world of ‘Claim Culture’, It is imperative that we, as salon business owners, protect and arm both ourselves, and our staff with the best protocols and continually stay updated on safety protocols. Even though the ‘Have you had an accident at work’ adverts have dulled down, work-related claims are still on the increase.

I have always prided myself and my business on our really high standards of health and safety and the personal protective equipment we enforce.
All that didn’t stop a small loophole forming and resulting in over a year of worry and mixed emotions when an employee tried to make a claim.

This was back in 2000, and it was the worst time I have ever experienced in the 31 years of owning my salon. I contested, along with my Insurance company, against an employee who was trying to make a claim for industrial dermatitis.

I could have opted just to expect my insurance to pay out but that just didn’t seem fair on my insurance company either. Instead of paying out, they decided to fully back my decision to fight the claim.

The support from my insurance company was amazing, as the case turned out to be very complex taking up lots of time and resources.

Their support totally instilled in me the benefit of having legal support as part of my insurance package.

Cutting a long story very short, at the end of the day there was no real winner, but that didn’t stop such sad energy which overshadowed my whole life at the time.
Although I was repeatedly told not to take it personally, I found it so hard to separate myself, my business and my reputation from it all.

The 10 happy years of experience I had from building my business, seemed to pale into insignificance when the biggest dose of imposter syndrome kicked in making me question if I even wanted to still be a salon owner.

That feeling thankfully past with the support from my friends, family and amazing team who I will be forever grateful to.

My thoughts Now

I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, but now, I look at it all as a blessing. That may sound crazy, but I always believe things happen for a reason. To be totally honest, I am sure that I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it hadn’t all happened. I learnt so much.

It also propelled my whole passion for our Industry and high standards further, enabling me to work closer with standard-setting organisations and to offer help and guidance from an employer’s perspective.

It pushed me to succeed further, allowing me to help fellow salon owners to achieve, by utilising best business systems for the long-term.

What to do if it happens to you?

Please remember, that If ever you get thrown into a similar situation with either a client or staff member trying to claim against your business, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that some good will eventually come of it all.

It makes you super vigilant so that it will never hopefully ever happen again. I am sure like me that it will take you to a new level with your business.

Please try not to take it personally. That was the hardest part for me. A better way to look at the situation is that it is all part and parcel of being a business owner.
Things happen to learn and grow from.

How Can You Protect Yourself and Your Business?

A good idea is to regularly review your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered in every area.

  • If your policy requires named staff, then always update the policy after every new training.
  • Check if you have any legal cover as part of the policy.
  • Hold regular 1-2-1 reviews with each team member and keep up to date records.
  • Ensure that you have updated Health and Safety documents and documented Risk Assessments.
  • Keep up to date with Safety data records from your suppliers and train staff to use any recommended Personal Protection.

We will be covering how to handle uncomfortable and challenging work situations further in our 2020 Beauty Directors Club Business Bootcamp. More details are at the bottom of the page.

Protect your salon environment with The New Safety Guidelines from the CPTA.

A great way to start protecting you and your team is to read the new guidelines that I was privileged to work along with a team of experts and the CPTA, (The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association), addressing issues that Salon Owners face in relation to safe practice.

The CPTA website also has oodles of useful information.

You can download the CTPA Guideline on Artificial Nails and Minimising the Risk of Allergy. In this link CTPA Guideline on Artificial Nails and Minimising the Risk of Allergy

Join us in The Beauty Entrepreneurs Hub, my free Facebook community.

…oh and if you want to learn first-hand how to avoid ever landing in hot water with any aspect of your business then watch out for our 2020 Beauty Directors Business Bootcamp. More details will be released soon in our facebook group.

Here’s a snapshot video from 2019 giving you an insight into what’s to expect.

5 Ways To Better Salon Sales Without Discounting

Better Salon Sales Without Discounting

There is often a myth in our industry that discounting is a way to lure new clients through your door, and also a way to get lapsed clients back in to fill our appointment books to overflowing.

I am sure if you have tried discounting that you know that it simply isn’t that easy and can backfire in so many ways.

I have witnessed some great salons fall from grace and ruin their reputation by trying to grow their client base with deep discounting.

Discounts, inadvertently show your client that you can afford to do their treatment for a far lesser price, or else how could you be doing it?
I see treatment offers slashing up to 50% off. That treatment will never have the same worth to a client at full price ever again, and more often than not, it kills sales of that treatment forever and causes cash flow issues for the long term.

The deal site model is sold to businesses as a popular route to gain new clients but please, please be extremely careful!

A lot of these new clients will constantly be chasing the next latest offer, with little chance of ever becoming loyal to any one business.

During periods of deep discounting, you will often see your loyal regular clientele running for the hills. The change in how the business has to run to cope with demand, can totally change the salon ambience and team dynamics…

I have seen lovely salons literally turned into conveyor belts for little or no gain whilst trying to accommodate deal site or discount offers.

So what can you do instead…

  1. Address the underlying issues
  2. Look firstly at why you think you need to give discounts. Rather than chasing new clients, look in depth at why you aren’t retaining existing clients, ask for honest feedback and act fast to fix any issues. It is far easier to make past clients raving fans again with a little TLC, rather than constantly chasing new business.

  3. Always have a reason
  4. Any offer needs an explanation or reason behind it. This way a client can understand the discount. The offer could be a new treatment launch, salon anniversary, client birthday, refer a friend scheme or rebooking incentive.

  5. Plan Ahead
  6. Be proactive rather than reactive. Plan your marketing calendar well ahead so all offers are structured throughout the year. This way you can create a constant salon buzz, and excite and delight your clients with upcoming special treatments and events. This also gives clients a great reason to talk about your salon and to recommend your services to friends.

  7. Use Add-ons
  8. A common mistake is to run a promotion on an unpopular treatment thinking it will draw clients in, but a far better idea is to run a promotion on a busier treatment linking it to an add-on, upsell offer including the less appealing treatment.
    Doing this will give your existing clients a real sense of value by allowing them to try a taster of the less popular treatment and also it will generate extra business to an already established and popular treatment.

  9. Get Help from Suppliers
  10. Suppliers can be a great resource of free gifts, sample products or discounted products to add value to your treatments. Also ask your suppliers to help you to promote with events, workshops etc too

Here’s to your great business success

Susan x

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Are You Killing Your Salon Cash-Flow?

Cash Flow for your beauty business

Imagine someone gave you £30,000 to spend in your business. No strings attached.

Being An Owner Of A Salon – What would you do?

I bet you’re thinking Wow; I would love that. I could buy that extra piece of equipment, put it towards a refurb, take on extra staff…

But would it really make a difference to your long -term cash flow?

Sadly, statistics show that it wouldn’t.

Shockingly, there is over a 90% chance that you would end up in the same financial situation as you started within less than a year!!

That is unless you were to change both your mindset around money and also restructure your business systems to accommodate the new cash injection.

Salon owners often tell me that they are working so hard, and feel like they have totally exhausted every idea to get more money in the bank, and then when they get cash, it is gone again in a flash.

There are two things that have magnified as a result of their situation.

These are their feelings about lack of money and also how they are handling their business in general by running on low self-esteem, even though on the surface they seem fine.

So what can you do?

Firstly, realise that there is nothing wrong with either you, or your business.

I firmly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that as salon owners, we have to accept 100% responsibly for our current situation.

How we handle the situation in our head is the difference between great results or continued mediocracy.

Mindset is such a huge topic, but simply said, you must become very aware of your internal and external dialogue.

It has been proven over and over again, that if you speak in terms of lack and not enough-ness, that it will continue to be your reality.

How often are you talking about how bad things are? talking about what is going wrong around you? jealous that others have what you want?…then STOP!!

Instead, consciously look at what you can learn from where you are now, and feel truly grateful for all you have no matter how big or small.

We take so much for granted and don’t give ourselves credit for how far we have come, or all that we have.

Secondly, Take time to sit quietly and start to forge a plan of action to get you to where you want to be, and regularly revel in your mind at what your next success and milestone will look like.

If £30,000 appeals to you, then what would it take for you to get that next extra £30,000 in the bank, and then grow it further?

It may seem like a distant dream currently, but the more you can visualise it, then the more likely it will become your reality.

Make sure you focus on getting the result and not the current lack of not having it. It does take a lot of focus to steer away from negative thoughts to start with, but it does get easier with time.

Thirdly, Write down your ideas, and most importantly the reasons why they are important. What systems and processes do you need to implement or change to help aid your goal into reality?

List these out in a notebook so you can clearly see the steps you need to take.

List who’s help you need to enlist to help you achieve your goal. The clearer you are on your vision, then the easier it is to get others on board with your future plans.

Keep your journal close to you at all times, and stay focused by re-reading your ideas regularly.

I can always remember writing goals such as winning Professional Beauty Salon of the year, dreaming of speaking in Dubai and getting a diamond ring that I literally had a photo of for 10 years before manifesting it. All came true, even though they seemed outrageous dreams to start with.

We are always taught that seeing is believing, but it is strongly proven to be the other way around.

If you can believe it, then you will see it, and all by keeping firm focus on the result, rather than lack of it.

I love the fact that every business worldwide, started with an idea in a business owners head.

Everyone has started with that first ever customer and a vision for the future.

It’s what happens from there that defines the difference of your success, and that comes solely down to YOU, so get planning and dreaming now!!

Here’s to your great business success.

Susan x

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Salon Accounting Made Easy!

Salon Accountancy - What Figures Should You Be Looking At?

What Figures Should You Be Looking At?

In business, knowing your figures is an absolute necessity. I don’t think that’s a particularly bold thing to say, but, as I’ve learnt during my time as a consultant, you would be surprised at how many salon and clinic owners just do not have a handle on their figures!!

Now, admittedly, I doubt any of us got into the beauty industry so we could sit and pour over our business figures all day every day, that’s what our accountants are for… Right?

Well, that’s both true and untrue. We must be accountable ourselves too. If you don’t know what you’re operating at, and what you’re trying to achieve, how will you ever get there? However, we should also have an accountant handling and overseeing our figures for us. How often have you set time aside to do your accounting, only to spend those hours doing anything but your accounting?

So, if you shouldn’t be doing all your accounting yourself, what figures should you actually be looking at?

Recently, I interviewed Chris Cheeney, a dedicated salon accountant with experience of doing accounting for his own salon and many others. I asked him this question and here’s what he had to say:

“…It’s not all about turnover… lots of people I speak to say ‘well I want to turnover £1 million.’ And I just say ‘why?’ and they don’t usually have an answer…

I very often do an exercise with them, I say ‘would you like to have £50,000 profit in your business?’  so, I say ‘let’s see how easy it is to make £50,000 profit’. I ask them to get a calculator and put in £50,000 and divide that by 5%… they need to generate £1 million for them to hit a £50,000 profit and that figure really scares people.

When I flip it around and say ‘do that same sum, £50,000 divided by 20%’ they only need £250,000 in revenue which is far more achievable”

You can watch the full interview HERE on my YouTube channel

This was the first video of a fantastic video series that I did with Chris, tackling the common questions that many salon and clinic owners have when it comes to their accounting.

Here are the 5 Other topics we cover

1 – What is My Business Worth?

2 – How Much Do I Need to Make?

3 – How Often Should I Look at My Figures?

4 – What Can I Do? What Should My Accountant Do?

5 – What Do I Do if I Get in a Pickle?

If you want to watch the full series of videos you can find out how to do so on this page

Chris was also kind enough to do this month’s business bundle on beauty directors club, in which he tackled how you can effectively double your profits within twelve months in just a few simple steps by implementing small manageable changes.

It builds on absolutely everything that is covered in this series and includes plenty of tools and worksheets to help you along the way.

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Here’s to your business success!

Susan x

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Employment Law–Can an Employee Legally Steal Your Clients?

employment law

You Really Can legally protect your client base once an employee leaves!

In the last video in our series with Employment Law Expert David Wright, David covers your legal position on what you can do when an ex-employee attempts to take your clients with them when they leave.

David also offers some frank advice on how to protect yourself from an unwelcome tax investigation and a hefty fine if you don’t meet the criteria on the HMRC Checklist.

Self Employed or Employed? This is an important question, as there’s a fine line with this one. Cross it and it could easily cost you a £10,000 HMRC bill.

At 10 minutes’ duration, this is the longest of our videos, but you really don’t want to miss a moment.



David will be speaking at Professional Beauty North on Monday 23rd October on Staff & Employment – The reality & Myths.

Click the link here to book David’s seminar…or any of the other business seminars. I’ll be speaking there too, so make sure to come and see there!


If you missed Video 1 Click Here to view>>

If you missed Video 2 Click Here to view>>

If you missed Video 3 Click Here to view>>


Here’s to YOUR great business,

Susan. x

P.S. Do you have any burning business issues you would like me to tackle for you? Drop me a line in the Ask Susan box or comment below and we will tackle your business issues TOGETHER.


How to avoid a hefty fine…

salon employment law

Are you aware that HMRC has a dedicated team where there only focus is to hunt out businesses who are not paying the minimum wage?

In Part 3 of this Employment Law series, David Wright explains how one of his clients who thought they were doing things correctly ended up with a hefty fine even though they fell foul of the minimum wage laws by only a few coppers.

The fine can be up to £20,000—Gulp!

Click on the video below to hear David tell this story and explain exactly why hair and beauty salons are a favourite target for the HMRC team.



PLEASE NOTE. The video was recorded Pre April 1st 2017 and the rates have now changed.
The New Minimum Pay Rates from April 1st 2017 are:
25 years & Over   £7.50
21-24 years           £7.05
18-20 years           £5.60
Under 18 years     £4.50
Apprentice Rate   £3.50

Ignorance of the law is never a valid defence, so make sure you don’t miss any of this important 4-video employment law series where the following topics are addressed:

  • Changing Hours, what to do if your employee works different hours to their contract
  • Commission and how you can easily fall foul of the law
  • The legal requirements for Apprentices of different ages
  • Self Employed/ employed and how the law views this
  • How to legally protect your business against an employee taking your clients
  • And how to avoid that £20,000 Fine

You can find out more information on David and his work at

If you have a burning question for David or I, you can comment below. We love your feedback! Or you can pop your query in the Ask Susan box and David or I will respond as soon as we can.

If you missed Video 1 Click Here to view>>

If you missed Video 2 Click Here to view>>

Here’s to YOUR great business,

Susan. x