My Salon Insurance Claim Scare And What You Can Learn From It

insurance for your beauty salon and how it can save you

Have You ever had a Salon Insurance Claim Scare?

I did. Read here how I overcame the experience and my lessons learnt…

This is something that I have never really talked about but it seems so appropriate in light of a new safety guidelines booklet released this month.
I’ve got the guideline download for you too.

My experience and this can happen to any of us

In this ever-increasing world of ‘Claim Culture’, It is imperative that we, as salon business owners, protect and arm both ourselves, and our staff with the best protocols and continually stay updated on safety protocols. Even though the ‘Have you had an accident at work’ adverts have dulled down, work-related claims are still on the increase.

I have always prided myself and my business on our really high standards of health and safety and the personal protective equipment we enforce.
All that didn’t stop a small loophole forming and resulting in over a year of worry and mixed emotions when an employee tried to make a claim.

This was back in 2000, and it was the worst time I have ever experienced in the 31 years of owning my salon. I contested, along with my Insurance company, against an employee who was trying to make a claim for industrial dermatitis.

I could have opted just to expect my insurance to pay out but that just didn’t seem fair on my insurance company either. Instead of paying out, they decided to fully back my decision to fight the claim.

The support from my insurance company was amazing, as the case turned out to be very complex taking up lots of time and resources.

Their support totally instilled in me the benefit of having legal support as part of my insurance package.

Cutting a long story very short, at the end of the day there was no real winner, but that didn’t stop such sad energy which overshadowed my whole life at the time.
Although I was repeatedly told not to take it personally, I found it so hard to separate myself, my business and my reputation from it all.

The 10 happy years of experience I had from building my business, seemed to pale into insignificance when the biggest dose of imposter syndrome kicked in making me question if I even wanted to still be a salon owner.

That feeling thankfully past with the support from my friends, family and amazing team who I will be forever grateful to.

My thoughts Now

I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, but now, I look at it all as a blessing. That may sound crazy, but I always believe things happen for a reason. To be totally honest, I am sure that I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it hadn’t all happened. I learnt so much.

It also propelled my whole passion for our Industry and high standards further, enabling me to work closer with standard-setting organisations and to offer help and guidance from an employer’s perspective.

It pushed me to succeed further, allowing me to help fellow salon owners to achieve, by utilising best business systems for the long-term.

What to do if it happens to you?

Please remember, that If ever you get thrown into a similar situation with either a client or staff member trying to claim against your business, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that some good will eventually come of it all.

It makes you super vigilant so that it will never hopefully ever happen again. I am sure like me that it will take you to a new level with your business.

Please try not to take it personally. That was the hardest part for me. A better way to look at the situation is that it is all part and parcel of being a business owner.
Things happen to learn and grow from.

How Can You Protect Yourself and Your Business?

A good idea is to regularly review your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered in every area.

  • If your policy requires named staff, then always update the policy after every new training.
  • Check if you have any legal cover as part of the policy.
  • Hold regular 1-2-1 reviews with each team member and keep up to date records.
  • Ensure that you have updated Health and Safety documents and documented Risk Assessments.
  • Keep up to date with Safety data records from your suppliers and train staff to use any recommended Personal Protection.

We will be covering how to handle uncomfortable and challenging work situations further in our 2020 Beauty Directors Club Business Bootcamp. More details are at the bottom of the page.

Protect your salon environment with The New Safety Guidelines from the CPTA.

A great way to start protecting you and your team is to read the new guidelines that I was privileged to work along with a team of experts and the CPTA, (The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association), addressing issues that Salon Owners face in relation to safe practice.

The CPTA website also has oodles of useful information.

You can download the CTPA Guideline on Artificial Nails and Minimising the Risk of Allergy. In this link CTPA Guideline on Artificial Nails and Minimising the Risk of Allergy

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Here’s a snapshot video from 2019 giving you an insight into what’s to expect.