How to Increase Your Client Retention

customer retention for beauty business

Clients will only return when they are happy about your products and services. To do this, you have to make them feel that they have received their good money’s worth – exceed their expectations whenever possible!

My Top Tip is to always add an imaginary zero to the service price that you offer. Ask yourself how you would treat a customer if you are paid 10 times more for the same service. This will really help you become more aware of the level of service you are offering.

Reflect your realization on whatever product and service you are offering today and you’ll surely increase customer retention for your business. Make a list of the little special touches you could add to make your customer’s experience more memorable. Most will cost nothing more than just a little consideration and these will make a huge difference to your customer’s perception about your business.

Ask your Clients to Re-Book

Don’t let your clients leave without committing to come back again. This doesn’t mean that you have to force them to get your service, but you should at least make them feel that they are welcome anytime. This is one efficient way to increase customer retention for your business.

Once the client is out of the door with no commitment, they are open to the lure of competitor’s offers and friends recommendations.

Often due to external factors and a hectic life, clients forget to re-book. They lose the interest to get treatments from a professional and they resort to homecare solutions instead.

Asking for re-bookings is an effective way of making your customers feel that you truly care for them. The easiest way to make clients see the value in re-booking is to create a sense of scarcity. If a client believes that they need to book then they will.

A good idea is to have a script outline that everyone uses explaining how busy you are becoming and outlining that you don’t want the client to be disappointed if you can’t give them their ideal booking time later.

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