Self Motivation in Lockdown with JP DeVilliers

Video Transcript

So we are live withjean-pierre de villiers amazing JP.

Many of you already know JP he normally speaks at our boot camps and writes business bundles and it’s just amazing so if you don’t JP is an international speaker coach, world-renowned just all-around awesome person and I’m just very very privileged to have him as one of my great friends.

I know JP you are so so busy and I’m so so gratefulthat you’ve given up the time to youknow to do this life because oh my wordwe gone through such an uncertain timeand and we just had a minute before andbefore we jump done but you know andI’ve been really really strong throughtout this and I’ve just had a meet with myteam and I just say it’s the reality hitkind of thing so anything that you canoffer that is going to be helped and Isaw something that you did and the otherday about sort of the immune systemstand strongly anis and I think justanything that you can offer because youknow it’s just time nobody’s ever gonethrough before I know a spell on ownerswe have to be strong for our teams andfamilies and you just how did you haveto be that responsible person butsometimes you just feel like you’recrumbling inside which I must admit andyou know a little bit like that todayit’s just sorry about time being alittle bit emotional so but but ThankYou JP anything you can offer great it’sit’s okay to be emotional when you’vejust spokento people that you love so let’s justbefore we start let’s just take a deepbreath so first of all how much time dowe have so I know how deep to go on my45 minutes so first of all obviously thethe theme for this conversation is howto thrive or evens to some peoplethriving right now might be just too outof reach so we can either say how tothrive or how to survive in times orthese times of uncertainty and before Igo into it and I’m going to share manyways including immune system protectionand lots of other things but just soeveryone understands here I’m notspeaking from an ivory tower or beinguntouched like I am very much beingchallenged like you Susan by thischallenge my business is beingchallenged I’m having to make decisionsin my business that I’ve never ever hadto make and I’ve been self-employed mywhole adult life I’m not coming to 40soon I’m staying home more than I everhave done in 15 years I am obviouslyconcerned about the health aspect andthe you know the amount of peoplegetting ill and people dying and howwould things so there’s lots ofdifferent things that also put me in thepot of uncertainty so let’s just let mejust share that that we’re all in a potof uncertainty right now it’s likethere’s nobody an expert in yes unlessyou are 60 70 years plus you’ve neverexperienced anything like this in yourlife before that’s a guarantee as youknow generally speaking as a populationas opposed to individual chromosomeexperiences that we go through but as awhole we’ve never experienced anythinglike this before so yes it’s going tofeel scary yes it’s going to feelsurreal you know I’m sure that manypeople watching thisjust living today or having momentsthroughout their day where they’rethinking what is going on like this is Imean it’s like we’re living in the movieand it’s not a fairy tale I’ll tell youwhat’s even stranger to me is you knowI’m out in Thailand now and you knowyeah but the thing is that it’s becauseeverything’s so calm here because youhaven’t got the volume of people becauseyou are everyone is being so responsibleso responsible I’m finding it hard tolike look at what is going on in the UKbecause I do feel like I’m in a bubbleyou know the zero cases out in Shillongprovince where where I am and you knowbut everyone is still taking it veryvery seriously but in the UK it justseems that it is this like it’s hey justgonna go away maybe maybe that’s whythere’s no cases in pockets you knowI’ve been monitoring that carefully andthat’s because everyone’s taking that soseriously or maybe it’s just luck Idon’t know but I’m very jealous of youbeing there right now because where weneed to be for our mental health for ourimmune system and for our own sanity andalso for our own health is to be in theplace of sunshine and relaxation rightnow so to anyone that’s in the sunshineand you know you you’re a group you’reable to be in the Sun right now relaxrelax relax because one that’s going toboost your immune system and thesunlight destroys the virus UV destroyscoronavirus so first of all it’sinteresting that you share that Susanbecause you say I’m in Thailand I’m veryrelaxed by the way everyone that I knowis in Thailand everyone that I’ve spokento in Thailand is relaxed so you’vereally got to not ignoring the virus thevirus is the virus it’s a virus itexists it’s hurting people harmingpeoplekilling people but you really have tothink if there’s certain people thataren’t being as fearful as anxious or asunraveled by this what is determiningthe amount of fear and uncertainty thatwe have the first thing we’ve got tolook at is our environment becausewithout me preaching about theimportance of our environment and how itdictates how we feel and I will show upin the world and how we think you’vejust said it yourself so so to speak theproofs in the pudding right thereeveryone that I speak to in Thailand isvery chilled out obviously they’re hurtby it businesses are hurt but there’s noreal emotional reaction to it but whenyou go online you Susan in Thailand on avilla facing the Andaman Sea in thesunshine you look at videos and stuffI’m sure that your fear and uncertaintyand anxiety goes up as well you know thething is that I think people are soimmersed in like social media in thenews and things like that and obviouslyyou know you know in the law ofattraction I don’t know whether that’swhy it’s like accelerating so fast aswell everywhere because nobody’s talkingabout it out here you know is is to saythey’re very very cautious but it’s notlike you know the conversationeverywhere in so I’m not saying thatpeople that have died or body or fromwhat some called covert 19 this is howlittle attention I paid to it I don’teven know how to call it correctlyCanessa scholar’s coronavirus I’m notsaying that they intentionally got itbut we do have to be careful becausewhere we put our focus is where we putour energy so we put our focus onsomething that has negative energy orlow frequency then what we do is we getmore of that thing we attract more ofthat thing of course when we arestressed and overwhelmed that everyoneknows that you’re more susceptible togetting ill because your other lowvibration so you and I have known eachother for yearswe’ve both been students of the law ofattraction for years we wouldn’t be 10years later a decade later Susan if wedidn’t know that it works because I meanpracticing the law of attraction withoutgetting any results for 10 years wouldbe pretty foolish right women shouldjust be trying something outso we know that the law of attractionworks and you know we’ve got to comeback to what I was saying I do believethat by you even though you’re relaxedand happy and calm about the wholesituation by your looking on your phonefrom Thailand and you’re looking at theUK you’re then feeling the emotion andthe energy of the UK now there’s energyeverywhere everything is energy andenergy is everything and everything’soperating at a vibration so the the morelower vibration stuff we consume themore we lower our vibration so fear willlower your actual everywhere everythingbecause everything is energyeveryone resonates at a certainfrequency everyone and everythingresonates at a frequency you can go golook at the facts of that so oh I thinkit’s the the frequency of coronavirus islike five to fifteen Hertz we operate atanywhere between naturally between 40and 200 Hertz depending on whether weare in love or kindness or etc etc butanything that makes us feel negativeanxiety fear overwhelm stress this canlower our vibration to a zero pointHertz a zero point one is 0.5 which itmakes even the virus a higher vibrationthan news so really right now and I dida video on this yesterday I didn’t talkabout energy and Hertz and all thatstuff because I didn’t want to freepeople out too much but what I spokeabout was your immune system right nowthe most important thing to do in yourlife is protect your immune systembecause their immune system that youhave is the army that you carry aroundwith you every day it’s the militarycircle around you you know putting ourboundaries putting our barriers so thatit can protect you from things like thevirus so what’s going to help us toaffect our immune system let’s go backto what we just discussed it’s what youconsume if you are in a place right nowwhere you’re being financiallychallenged and you go consume news andinformation about businesses closingdown and people going bankrupt you’regoing you are not doingyour life a favor you’re not doingyourself a favor and more specificallyor most specifically you’re not doingyour immune system a favor because fearis a low vibration and if you’re alreadydoing your best to stay positive and youconsume fear that’s counterproductiveit’s counterintuitive you are nowlowering your vibration to be even moresusceptible more open to the virusbecause of what you’re consuming andthat goes for how we breathe how wethink what we consume what informationand education we take in how we eat whatwe eat the amount we eat the time we eatall of these things can heighten orlower your vibration so I have a chartin my business which is the energy wecall it the energy management chart andon one side it says everything thatraises your energy love gratitudekindness compassion Fitness natureanimals etc every single thing and thenon the other side is all the negativethings things that actually robbed youof your energy so you can findvariations of this chart on Google maybeI would think of the top of my head theeasiest thing to Google would be a chartof energy frequencies or a chart ofthings that give you energy and thingsthat take your energy away butdefinitely don’t be no ignorance rightnow more than ever is not bliss soeducate educate educate yourself I donot have any fear because I’ve looked attoo many perspectives of this wholepandemic there’s so many perspectivesthere’s so many opinions there’s so manyviews I just am too aware to be afraidthere’s no because nobody’s been throughit you know even the experts who areworking on it and learning to be theexperts you need experts we’ve got youand you don’t have to believe this butit will benefit you that even expertare giving you their opinions what I’vesaid many years Susan that you knowtreat every single thing as an opinionand then create your own facts and yourown facts should be based on what youbelieve what your intuition tells youand what makes you feel good so okay Ican believe that my ition intuitiontells me that’s the right thing to doact feel right now and does this make mefeel good and if not you know why wouldyou choose why would we there is akiller virus going on in the world butwhy would we or why would I choose mythoughts that make me less than what Ialready am that make me feel worse thanI already do I am really really pleasedthat you know there’s all these peoplestart and like virtual choirs of thingswith lots of people who really can’tsing but just having a damn good timebecause it’s like it’s really sort ofall the better you can feel the thebecause you know if you just wrapped insort of like I think people think oh youknow we shouldn’t be happy at this timebut why not you know what I gots do youknow be happy that it’s not affectingyou kind of thing that’s you’re happyfor your health I would say happy is achallenging word to put out there rightnow because people would be like how canyou you know you can’t you’re right Ilook because of my social media audienceI’ve had two or three people over thelast three weeks so how dare you postthis or how dare you say this etc butdefinitely gratitude why we know howinnocent gratitude is very similar butbeing grateful right now I’ll tell younow Susan if I got you gotta my mothergot coronavirus I’m still not gonna feedher fear I’m not gonna feed you fear I’mnot gonna feed myself here because it’snot making me betteryeah where is just a wasted energy isn’tit baby and things I like that worryingis a wasted energythere is absolutely no benefit nowthere’s no benefit of feelingthere is zero benefit to worry you tryand tell me anyone try and tell me herethat there is a benefit to worrying ofcourse there is a benefit to noticingwhat to be afraid of but from an from anI’ve just lost my words objectiveobjective from an objective point ofview okay that is something to be afraidof I’m aware of thatlet me assess my situation and thenadjust accordingly what should I bedoing differently should I be staying athome should I be thinking differentlyhow can I be at the guard at the door ofmy mind right now I call it my selfrescue method if you’re not feeling goodget aware assess what you’re doing ornot doing and then adjust accordinglyTriple A so that is one thing noticingfear it will survival creatures we haveto notice fear but feeling afraid thatis a choice yeah I mean the thing isthat we all think in that since FridayI’d say the closed-down salons or inprocess of closed and for possibly todayum you know if someone hasn’t orwhenever the government saying which isnot going to be very far off and thenobviously you’ve got your team thatyou’re handling this well kind of thingit’s like so what can you know what canwe give salon owners that you know forthem to be strong and like you know I dothink that like it’s a period of changethat we’re in and we will come out thisbetter and stronger it’s just at thetime at the moment there’s just so muchuncertainty that I think and that’swhere a lot of the fees coming from oflike you know because people like toknow what they’re going to be doingtomorrow what they’re going to be doingyou know like next week in people are inare in sort of a routine and all of asudden there’s no routine there’s nolike you’ve got no answers for your teamyou know thisit’s just gone from a certainty to atotal uncertainty so what can what can Imean to me I just think right I’ve gotthree months possibly now this is timewhere I know just from being here thetime I’ve had with a clear head becausenow I think once the decision is toclose or whatever then you move into adifferent Eva kind of thing and everyonereally is forced into this environmentof like that the the routine has tochange which gives them more time so tome that’s time where I’m going to sitdown and carefully think what I reallywant you know and then start to plan inlike a new direction so there’s so muchI can say sorry to interrupt but it’slike all these things are stacking upwhile you’re talking and I’m probablyonly going to get half of them acrossbut most people don’t do what theyreally wants most people because theydon’t have time yes so now’s the timefor you to go all in on that thing is atrest is it more reading is it morerelaxation is it more sleep is itbrainstorming journaling working on yourbusiness versus always working in yourbusiness now is certainly a time ofuncertaintynow with certainty certainly a time ofnot knowing but if you live in thepresent moment and you don’t try andplan your future and you don’t try andyou know create or recreate your past ormove away from your past but it wasn’thappy then you’re just always in themoment and when you’re in the momentthings are always just folding out infront of you you’re not planning yournext step we might be away if we’re outof the present moment as Eckhart Tolle Iwould say living in the now or the powerof the now when we’re not in the nowwe’re either in the future or the pastwhich means we’re either in expectationand depression over in planning for thefuture or we’re in running away from ourpast etc etc when we never just here sowhen you’re here when you’re in thepresent moment when you’re in the nowthe only thing you look at is you lookat what’s right in front of you and youjust trust that everything’s going tounfold that day right you don’t runaround you don’t hide behind a tree allday and worrying about what’s gonnahappen today it’s only when you thinkabout the future you never really worryabout your next few steps it’s likedriving a car at night the headlamps orthe headlights can just see three fourmeters in front of you and you’re notfreaking out you’re just trusting you’rejust having faith that the path willunfold now I’m not a religious man but Ibelieve in God and religion is aboutfaith and faith is about trust so for meGod stands for good orderly directionand trusting that everything is on itsway I believe in that so much that Iwant to have it as one of my nexttattoos everything is on its way or justoh just it’s on its way whatever you’rethinking about it’s on its way so tocome back to this time of uncertaintyand what to do etc first we’ve got tounderstand that we as human beings ournature we are significant beings somemight say the most significant somemight say not but we are surelysignificant but we are we are still partof nature and in nature the law ofimpermanence exists always the law thateverything is growing and dyingeverything is always evolving changingmoving reinventing itself even thoughrock formation over many years the mostsolid still foundation over yearschanges form so we’re always alwayschanging form so what number one it’s tounderstand the law of impermanence andthat nothing ever stays the samerelationships don’t say the same peoplecome into your life for a reason theseason or a lifeeven if you’re lucky enough to be a tenpercenter you know a five percenter ofthe world and you have a relationshipthat lasts for a lifetime you’d befoolish to think that over decades thatrelationship doesn’t change itself younothing ever remains the same butsometimes in life our change comesunexpectedly and it happens when weleast expect or in my case last yearwhen I got hit head-on by a drunk driverand left for dead on the side of theroad by you know in a hit-and-runaccidents it wasn’t even before I expectit it was without me expecting right Ifound out later what happened because Iwas knocked out so but me knowing nowwaking up in hospital I was aware thenokay this is just another part of natureright something is happening right nowthere’s a breakdown but after abreakdown usually there follows abreakthrough and in this current breakdown the way experiencing lots of peopleare going through breakdowns but alsolots of them are going throughbreakthroughs Susan I’m sure you’ve hadsome breakthroughs either somebreakthroughs you know to everyone herelooking for that breakthrough know thatin your breakdown you’re exactly whereyou need to be so understanding this lawof impermanence and things are alwayschanging and sometimes our change andevolution and reinvention comes when weleast expect it or when we you know weweren’t expecting it like a door likehow is this happening now knowing thatthat things are always changing alsoknow this that every single challengewe’ve ever been through we’ve survivednow I speak this I speak this to youpersonally but also to all human beingsevery single challenge we have ever beenthrough where their world wars were theplague or viruses the Spanish flueverything we’ve ever experiencedcollectively of you as human beingswe’ve survived otherwise we wouldn’t bedoing this live not only have wesurvived but over the years we keepreinventing ourselves if we go back tenyears right zoom orFacebook live or whatever didn’t existif we go back 30 years internet didn’texist if we go back a hundred years youknow I don’t know range row caused itand most cars didn’t exist so if youlook at everything we’ve been throughnumber one we’ve survived but actuallywe’ve more than survived we’ve come outon top every single time it might not beimmediately but we always come out ontop and everyone here knows everyonehere knows that the world will be abetter place after this I’m not takingaway from the pain and misery thatpeople are feeling in their sufferingand their families suffering I’m nottaking that away but I’m telling you nowthat after this will come Beauty theworld will simplify the you the worldwill unify the world will learn to lovemore and I say more because it’s alreadyin the process unification compassionkindness coming together is alreadyhappening all around us so to come backto the last thing I want to share so oneunderstand that everything is alwayschanging to understand that everythingyou’ve ever been through in your lifeyou’ve got through on a personal levelto look back at your life the last 20 3040 50 years you’re still here you’restill here and thirdly you’ve just gotto embrace it you’ve got to keep yourmind open and your heart open because aslong as you’re open and your mind andhearts are open then you’re open to loveyou’re open to potential you’re open topossibility but if you closed yourselfoff you closed yourself off toeverything that this reinvention has tooffer you so stay out of fear stay inlove stay in gratitude do your very besteven when it’s not easy even when it’sdifficult and keep your mind and yourheart wide wide wide open because we’realready I say in life expect nothing butbe ready for anythingjust one thing when you were sayingbefore you knowI feel what that I’m sort of like acouple of weeks ahead of where I wouldbe if I was at whore because if I was athome I would have just been in the lastcouple of weeks working flat out tryingto figure out what I was going to bedoing with all of these and then so whenyou’re like seen about breakthroughs itwouldn’t have been through that turmoilit would have beennow that the salons closed and it wouldhave been right now what do I thinkbecause I came out here to do some workand to have time to think and plan Ithink I’ve handled it in a different wayprobably because of had when he wassaying about breakthroughs while I’vebeen here I’ve come up with so manyideas like things that I want toimplement and you know when I left theUK they would just start to talk alittle bit about the virus and you knowI don’t think anybody saw it was goingto escalate how it’s hard but you knowit the thing is I’ve had that time whichnow I think most people are gonna hangup who’s like close their businessesthey gonna start that time that I’ve hadhere kind of theme that makes sense soit’s like having a clear your head andnow I think is the time that everyoneelse and start will get a clear headbecause they’re out of that thedecisions being made right you’ve got toclose all you need you’re that kind ofthing and so yeah I feel like it’s beinga different being on a slightlydifferent journey kind of thing becauseif I was at all I’d have been ineverybody else’s anxiety yeah once againthere comes back to what I said beforebe very careful of what you’re consumingright now stillness is our friend notjust a virus but if you want to get to abreakthrough earlier in your breakdowndon’t surround yourself or immerseyourself in chaos right now that’s crazyso like you said you know you went andyou found a quiet place that there’s areason why not known as for many yearsthat there’s a saying that holidays arethe best universitybecause when you as a coach myself we’renot trying to explain or don’t try Iexplain to people about coaching Iexplain it like this you are in thearena of your life every day and whenyou work with a coach what it does iswhen you go to a coaching retreat or acoaching event or a seminar for thatmoment you’re stepping outside of yourusual life and then when you stepoutside of your usual life it’s likestepping off the bullet train and you’reable to actually see everything that’sgoing on around you and you’re able tosee it from a very different perspectiveso right now almost this this time ofself isolation and Quarantine it’salmost like you’re having a moment ofcoaching what is coaching its reflectionit’s gaining perspective or differentperspectives on your life it’s askingreally good questions or asking yourselfbetter questions because you’re not busyand now you’re able to slow down it’salso a time for you to just slow downyour whole life and use that Triple Aimrescue method which is now that I’m herelet me get as aware as possible rightfor you on your holiday I’m sure withoutyou even knowing this you’re doing thesame thing you’re doing triple aself-rescue you’re gaining awareness bysitting brainstorming journaling andjust asking yourself really goodquestions then you’re assessing based onthe answers that you get from yournewfound awareness you’re then assessingwhat do I want to do more of less ofwhere do I need to move towards where doI need to move away from what am I goodat what am i bad at what do I don’t youknow what I want to push in into my lifeand into my business and what do I wantto stop pushing because I realize nowthat actually it was just holding mebackbut it’s assessing everything and thenthe third thing is adjust I think thatawareness take that self assessment ofyour life your business your health yourfitness your relationships yourenvironment your persongrowth your finances your health youryour wealth and then adjust accordinglynow now might not be a time to adjustjust yet so maybe just spend your timenow in just assessing in assessing stayslow stay present stay isolated and stayhealthy stay clean and stay just inassessing right if this is annon-negotiable like meaning this is nota choice for me but I’m for I’m havingto force myself to reinvent myself orI’m having to force my business toreinvent itself well I’m having toreinvent my team I’m having to reinventthe way that I work where I work fromthe amount of hours that I work rightthere’s a lot of your time in your lifeway a lot of time in your life where youwouldn’t have had this opportunity thatyou have right now so take advantage ofthe send prayers out every day to thoseaffected and then use this time as afuel for your fuel for your future fuelfor your future fulfillment fuel foryour purpose your passions going forwardand how you want to realign your life inyour business and look I understandright this might sound like superpositive but it’s not about this is notcoming from a pretty picture and I’msaying hey look my you know some someonesaid to me because I I do my very bestto be positive wherever I go even in myown misery and someone said to me ohthis is not a time for positivity rightnow no so they said a positive mindsetwon’t save this and I said you right itwon’t save it but it will damn well helpand I’ll put my hand up and say you knowafter my accident as a coach and aspeaker someone that gets paid and hasbeen paid most of his adult lifefull-time exchange on the 22nd of May2019 when I got hit by a hit-and-rundriver my ability to earn revenue wentfrom hundreds of thousands to zero yeahso nine-month no eight months after thataccident January I’m still diggingmyself out of a hole every day every dayevery day and in coronavirus hits me soI’m thinking like I don’t know how tofulfill contracts I don’t know what’sgoing on the the level of uncertaintyright now is at 95% and the level ofcertainty is the 5% is purely I knowwhere my mind will carry me that’s itall the uncertainty is in my businessand and and we have to surrender to whatis tony robbins always says don’t makethe situation worse than it isthat’s a choice make it what it is firstof all and then find a way to make itbetter than it is if i have to over thenext few months put my hand up and say Isurrender I’m declaring bankruptcywhatever the worst case scenario may beI have no guilt or shame in that becauseI know that it’ll by liberating orfreeing myself I might give other peoplepermission to do the same and sayMAmy business went bust too but maybe Idon’t have to choose to have shame aboutit because you know the law ofimpermanence everything’s alwayschanging maybe this is my ownreinvention and maybe just maybe becauseof everything that I’ve been through isin my life I’ve got through andeverything that we’ve been through ashuman beings that we’ve got throughmaybe just maybe because of God and goodorderly direction maybe just maybeeverything will be okay just on thatnote when you just said a preacher justme just think you know I think I said toyou on Wednesday about Jeremy Harborhe’s like the world’s best and businessturnaround expert coming on gettinginterviewed and which I just I was likewell he’s mom used to have a gain or soand so I was like Jeremy obviouslythat’s where I learnt all mine from butI can always remember Jeremy saying thisto me well saying it to feuless that youknow when he first ever lost his firstbusiness when it went bankrupthe said up until then it was likewalking on a tightrope said and as soonas he went bankrupt first time he justrealized that that rope was only sixinches off the groundit’s brilliant it was just the fromthere is the best night’s sleep he everhad and onwards but I just thought youknow and that’s always stuck with me youknow because sometimes he’s like youwalking on a tightrope he started doingso then you just realized only sixinches off the ground yes I would say Ireally loved that you know by himsurrendering to what is he was able togain a different perspective and realizethat this thing that he was trying tokeep alive or upright wasn’t it was thesmallest thing and he wasn’t evengetting off the ground and now obviouslyI knowJeremy Harbor as well he’s playing avery very big game in life and businessentrepreneurship and philanthropy I meanhe just he doesn’t play small does he sobut I’m not chained it you know youlearn so muchbut then that gives you the tools to goyou know out of something that at thetime seemed like it was somethingdisastrous you know huge I said to oneof my coaches yesterday with you saidhow are you doing with everything goingon obviously JP you’re self-employed andI said look it is what it is I just haveno emotional response to it now I’m verygreat like I wake up in a state ofgratitude because that wasn’t alwayslike this but you know my whole life hasbeen about teaching self mastery andlearning self mastery and I’m very verygrateful right now in this situation tobe able to have gotten to a place in mylife where I don’t attach myself to myto my things happening in my life like Iattached myself to how I want to feel onthe inside and that’s I want to feelhealthy I want to feel happy I want tofeel in love with life I want to feelkind and compassionate towards others orhumans or animals or beings and nobusiness can take that away from me nofailure can take that away from meno person can take that away from me soit just is what it is so I’m notencouraging people to go bankrupt I’msaying keep fighting keep fightingknowing what you now know keep fightingkeep fighting keep fighting but do itwith love find for love fight for whoyou love for what you love fight from aplace of love not from fear yeahwriting from fear and being fearfulabout trying to keep this thing alivemight just be foolish because the thingthat you’re most trying to keep alivemight not be the thing that you actuallywant to keep alive or maybe the thingthat should be keep being kept aliveright nowmaybe you’ve been doing the same thingover and over again and expecting adifferent resultand maybe this is the universal or youknow godsend gift for you to say heyit’s time to change okay I think it is atime of change massive change now yousaid that before it’s a globe this is aawareness being becoming aware ofsomething is the first step to changinganything this is a global moment ofawareness no one can ignore that thewhole world as a as a collective is moreaware about certain things that we’veever been so yeah there is beauty andmisery just one very last thing JP sosomeone we talked tiny bit about immunesystem keeping it high yeah what whatsort of three five things can someone dothat they’ve now got all this time tothemselves the need to might make surethat they are as healthy as possiblewhat five things can let me do okay sojust to kind of give more context thenumber one thing if you’re worried aboutgetting a virus the number one thing youwant to do is protect your soldiers yourarmy that are protecting you and yourarmy that are protecting you is yourimmune system so you want totake your immune system a lot of what wediscussed discussed is going to affectyour immune system so love or fear loveis going to strengthen your immunesystem fear will lower your immunesystem the energy chart that I mentionedbefore anything that raises your hurtsyour frequency or vibration this isstrengthening your immune system gogoogle it how to raise my energy how toraise my frequency how to raise myvibration and go do more of those thingsas much as you can as often as you canbecause right now more than ever yourlife depends on itso then there’s practical things thatyou can do or simple things that you cando every day that heighten andstrengthen your immune system you mighthave had a life of unhealth of not beinghealthy or being unwell but day by dayyou can’t control but you can influenceyour immune system every day so this iswhat I would recommend number one wakeup and drink a lot of water especiallywarm water because apparently the virusdoesn’t like warm water that’s itsnatural temperature where it mostthrives is four or five degrees Celsiusso do your very best to not drink anycold water right now drink loads oflukewarm water lemon water tea etcsecondly once you’ve drank loads ofwater meditate because meditate takesyou from fear and into love you and Iare both students of meditation Susan weboth don’t work with Joe Dispenza and wewe know that the deeper you go intomeditation the deeper you go intoyourself your true self and your heartand the deeper you do that the deeperyou go into love and fear and lovecannot exist in the same place youcannot have love and fear in the sameplace so know that when you’re feelingfear of uncertainty it’s because you’renot feeling loved or you’re not thinkingthoughts of love because your thoughtscreate your feelings and your thoughtscreate your emotions and then youremotions create your your physical selfyour emotions create the strength ofyour immune system whether you’re in astate of ease living in a state of easephysicallyphysiologically versus dis-ease whereyou get disease and so meditate meditatemeditate if you’ve been sitting on thefence and you’ve been thinking about itfor years now is your time you do nothave an excuse and obviously how we doanything is the why we do anything thestronger your why the easier it is toget something done you know why do youneed a bigger why right now you don’tneed a bigger why right now that I’mprotecting myself from getting ill I’mprotecting my army think every time youbreathe in meditation you’re breathingin certainty into your army protectingyou you’re breathing in certainty andlove into your immune system everysingle time you take a deep healthybreath so breathe deeper whilst youmeditate and breathe deeper in life andof course we are what we consume so makesure that you’re consuming all thecolors of the rainbow predominantlygreen foods and that doesn’t mean eat awhole bag of M&Ms it means natural foodin its natural form right now you wantto be eating natural food in its naturalform not canned tomatoes fresh tomatoesnot canned anything fresh look for freshfood why because what we want to beright now is we want to be alive so justeat a live foods eat anything that’salive try and avoid dead stuff obviouslyI’ve been plant-based for over threeyears now and I’m very much thriving andI know that right now my wife or eatingmore plants not just being vegan buteating more plants right you can stillbe vegan and be unhealthy it loadsof bread and vegan pizza and vegansweets but my wife or eating green foodis through the roof higher than it’sever been right now in my whole life andand I’m eating that food not with fearSusan because like I said what we focuson is what we feel so I’m not eating mygreen food because I don’t want to die Idon’t want to die because now we arefocusing on is dying so I’m I’m just I’mwishing and nurturing my body mindspirit and soul through water meditationI’m walking I live in the country I’mgoing for a forest walk everyday whatcountry walk every day I’m doing verylight exercise I’m eating all the colorsof the rainbow I’m doing my best not toeat lots of sugar and carbs at night andthen of course just the most importantthing that you’re consuming every singleday is language be very very carefulwhat you’re consuming I’ve done a videoof this on my facebook about beingcareful about what you’re consuming onsocial media because the algorithm theprogram on social media is actuallygiving you more and more of what you’relooking at because it’s a business andit wants to keep you there so they gohey Susan likes to watch fearlet’s show Susan more fear of what Susanlikes to watch videos of businessesfailing more salons failing let’s showher more videos of salons failing andthen of course what we consume we becomeso I would say right now you want to doyour very best to consume videos offluffy bunnies industry by anomalouslyI’m being playful but go find love gofind joy go find humor if you do nothave a Netflix account right go onlineand watch comedy videos on YouTube butif you can’t just turn your Netflix tocomedy set it to comedy all day longbecause laughter is scientificallyproven to strengthen your immune systemright there’s this message going aroundthat 50 odd years ago whatever peoplewere risking their lives to go to warand fight for their countries now all wehaving to do for 5 to 5 for ourcountries is set at home why it’s notthat difficult but be careful whatyou’re consuming you could be sitting athome trying to keep yourself alive yetyou’re killing yourself because you’remaking yourself more susceptible todisease because of the food that you’reeating the media you’re consuming andthe thoughts that you’re having so thinkcarefully watch carefully and consume inand and a scroll carefullybrilliant OAP that has been amazingabsolutely amazing and and all this isrecorded on my finger I don’t think it’sgoing to cross all the what we’re gonnado is now pop it across all the groupskind of thing so yeah thank you so somuch and obviously I know a lot ofpeople following is on so if anyoneobviously I’m a coach by profession Ihave been most of my adult life I howpeople reach levels or higher levels ofself mastery and mind body and heart andI have one way in which they can comeinto my tribe my family and that’scalled best life MBAit’s an MBA a personal development MBAfor your best life and it’s the websiteis Mb sorry best life MBA calm and ifpeople just want to follow me and watchwhat I’m doing because I’m an altruistand a servant leader I’m serving nowmore than I ever have in my life I’mdoing shed loads of videos just type myname John Peter villas into Facebook oror Instagram Instagram everyday Facebookevery day and Facebook it’ll bring up -Jean Pierre de Villiers one is mypersonal profile piece and trying to addme there I’m already full but if you goto my public page and like my page Ipost content there multiple times everyday yes and it’s brilliant content ifsomebody hasn’t been on before so JPthank you so so much once again alwaysso grateful and I’m sure I’ll be likeand pull in like saying can you comeback on again soon so and I’ve got thetime hahaha so at no time yeah we’ll bedoing something again soon yeah becauseyour content is just priceless brilliantthank you Thank You Susan I love you andto everyone listening I say this oftenincluding to myself that sometimes inlife it’s not possible to be the bestbut it’s always possible to do our bestand if even your best today is 10% ofwhat you usually can give the world andyourself then so be it butjust don’t give up and do nothingbecause doing nothing gets you nowhereand doing something will always get yousomewhere or you’ll always learnsomething by doing something it keepstrying keep moving forward stay inmomentum or the best thank you

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