Interview With Jeremy Harbour

Video Transcript

In this video, I talk to Jeremy Harbour, a world-renowned business expert. In our chat, we talk about everything under the sun, but also how to ensure you keep the protect the value of your business assets, and how you can navigate through troubled times on the high street.

right so we alive today with Jeremy Harbor, and I think many of you know that probably everything I learned on business chairing around just from Jeremy a long time ago.

you know and I’m gonna say that because this is when the harbor club was just very small groups of people and it was amazing and you know the highlight was like flying in private jets and a suit is about times the amount up and paid for anything else but probably about times the amount of value and life changing in Jeremy

if nobody’s ever I’m sure a lot even now Google Jeremy to see who he is that mean he’s he’s known as like the world’s biggest and best mergers and acquisitions guy and I was like like when someone said you know Jeremy doesn’t just think outside the box he doesn’t have a box like Jeremy just comes up with them it most amazing ideas so and the reason why it’s all persuaded Jeremy to come on is because Jamie is mom used to having you know salon so you know is it from sort of four sides kind of thing of like multi-million pound businesses like doncha sort of like businesses so generally do you want to do a bit of an intro on yourself because I think I think yeah you’ve overcooked it that’s great oh yeah yeah I grew up in a salon so my mom had a Clarence and you know salon down endorsed and it was literally the ground floor of our house so I grew up in the you know in the salon in fact my my first business or not real business but my first foray into entrepreneurship when I was about seven years old was cutting the flowers down from the garden putting them in jam jars and selling them to the ladies that come to the salon to have their you know mani-pedi or whatever it was they were they were doing but obviously I was always kind of entrepreneurial I grew businesses the traditional way so I’ve done you know the sales the marketing star customers you know all those the things that make business so painful to run and it was in my early s when I was running a telephone company that I’d started a telecoms business I discovered M&A basically I bought one of my competitors down the road they were they were in distress they had had some challenges some motivations and I was able to pick the business up without using any cash upfront and that was really an epiphany because up until that point I really felt you had to you know start your business and then work really hard in all the books that I read were all about you know better management techniques better marketing techniques you know smarter ways to do things no one had ever told me you didn’t have to do any of that you could just run the last ten yards of the marathon and you still got a medal you know we we grew by years worth of sales in an afternoon having not spent a penny on marketing or taking any risk or done anything you know dramatic and and that was just a major epiphany for me and it fascinated me from that moment forwards and so I basically became a self-taught mergers and acquisitions person so I went on to do a number of deals with the telecoms company and in fact over an -month period I bought another businesses so I had companies staff about thirteen and a half million pounds in revenue sounds very glamorous but it was actually a massive headache you know I often joke to people the only thing about the only thing worse than running one crappy business is running crappy businesses there are bees in Singapore so you’ve frozen at this end [Music] it’s probably time no we still on my back can you hear me yeah can hear you okay let’s I’ll just talk for a bit without video and then maybe yeah I’ll tell you what knock my video off as well and we’ll see whether that gets rid of ya you there Jeremy you’re very I am yeah I lost you there a second yeah right yeah can hear you now right so I think we’ll just go without video for a while and see how that goes that’s alright with you so yeah we through the company sold one realized then hey look you don’t make money running businesses you make money when you sell them and and then when I’d sold the business and I had all my time back I decided that I would just buy and sell businesses now actually the thing I think is particularly relevant for this conversation is that when I went through that phase of buying and selling businesses I mean obviously now I take companies public and and focus on larger deals but what I really cut my teeth on was buying and selling distressed businesses so I would pick up companies that were unable to pay their bills turn them around quickly and sell them on again and and obviously with what’s going on in the big white world at the moment the strategies that you use for turning around businesses suddenly become incredibly relevant because those strategies can be applied to businesses now and try and support them and help them and then also from a consolidation from the perspective so when the dust settles a little bit and we try and get back to normality actually that’s when you’ll probably find businesses face the biggest challenges because they will have you know the recession to deal with because you know we will go into a recession as a result of this because so much economic activity has been taken out and typically what you find is that businesses don’t go bust overnight you know it takes this sometimes a six to six months a two-year kind of burn until they finally get themselves in enough trouble that they actually go under so there will be a long drawn-out period of businesses you know really really struggling and and I think if you position yourself correctly then a you can save jobs and livelihoods and and support people but you could also potentially grow your own business quite a considerably through acquiring some of your competitors and picking up people you know in the same industry as you so I think they you know with this is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity even though you know it looks pretty dark right now yeah I mean I’ve already spoken to quite a few salons who you know which a good salons where you know they are thinking right this is the time I just threw the towel in kind of think so I know that is come in and you know smoothies salads I think it’s you know with a lot of salons people have just their business has been there it’s been it’s plotted along it’s been really really you know just a revenue that’s being coming in I’m and now this is hate and I think a lot of people it’s either gonna work one way or the other I think salons Lee they’re you know really fight out of it and do fantastically well or they are going to be the ones who just think Rams throwing the towel in and that’s where I think it’s a great opportunity because I work with a lot of salons you you know do want to eventually we’ll have more like rules our brand and have you know and this is an ideal opportunity now to just start and take all the salons where someone’s just lost that hot in it I think or decided to take yeah I mean more you’ll find look making people redundant and you know taking taking the drastic actions that you sometimes need to take in situations like this you know where perhaps you have to downsize or perhaps you have to deal with things that that are a little bit tricky to deal with dealing with people that you owe money to and things like that a lot of people just don’t deal with it they just bury their head in the sand and they wait until it’s just too late and then the whole thing collapses around their ears and I think those people if you can lead them out into the light you know if you can grab them by the hand and help him through it you can also end up with a business out at the other side because you know sometimes they just need that leadership they just need somebody that can help them take those you know take those actions and those make those tough decisions and and if that means that they just passed the business over to you and they go you know they walk away that for them it’s probably a really good outcome because you know people people just don’t like the pointy end of business basically they’re where it gets a bit painful yeah kind of sun sunny day entrepreneurs you know that I mean the reason that originally the reason I did the harbor club was at that point was that to work with distressed salons and take them over and then bide them and sell them and but then I flipped it instead and used all the tactics that that’s why I’ll they turn a salon around rather than actually take it at the end so that you know but it’s and they say I just think they aren’t going to be so many opportunities for people who are thinking right this is the time when I really wanted like rock out and do fantastically well was my salon and then have other salons and build a brand I think it’s going to be an amazing time for each kind of thing so Jeremy as in first of all just as in because like you see we’re going to go into a recession and you know it’s a great time really to do some due diligence on your own business because you probably going to have around about three months to work on it and that’s what I’m going to be doing is like working with bringing in lots of experts and welcome people through how to do things boost and what kind of quick fix tips would you say are the best thing you sell on those closed it was doing alright you want it to be like fantastic when it reopens what kind of things would you like alright get in do this do this do this yeah well you know the old expression you can’t help the poor by being one of them you need to get your own house in before you then go and fix other people’s and so I mean the first thing would basically be to make sure that you’re on top of all of the different government subsidies and opportunities that are out there that you’re doing everything you can to get your ten thousand pound grant that you’re making sure that the eighty percent salary cover is there speak to your bankers and say that you need the loan tell them you need the interest-free loan these loans are interest-free for twelve months and from what anecdotally what I’m hearing a couple hundred grand is is quite acceptable more than a couple of hundred grand you have to jump through a few more hoops so even if you don’t feel like you need the money now it’s probably worth getting it and having it sitting in your bank account there because even if you just pay it back at the end of months with no penalties no interest at least you have the security of knowing that you’ve got that cover that you’ve got that protection within the business in case this thing goes on for longer or in case this on fantastic opportunity that comes up maybe to pick up some equipment you want to add to your cell on some you know I’m sure there’ll be lots of you know laser machines and body shaping machines and things like that that are going to come on the market from as a result of this so if you wanted to pick up some of that sort of stuff then there’s gonna be some opportunities so yeah getting getting all of that stuff done stopping all the payments going out look if you have leases on some of these machines and things you know Hitachi finance a very common fancier for you know buying these equipments they’re super adaptable at the moment if you bring them up and tell them you want a three month or six months payment holiday they will give it to you and likewise if you have vehicle leases if you have even your shop rental you know all of those things you should be speaking to every single creditor and trying to get holiday periods or reductions or you know stay of execution basically on all of those payments even if you feel like you’ve been prudent and you’ve got your three months or six months cash reserves you know take all of those opportunities that you possibly yeah definitely definitely yeah need to have a look into because as in the okay there’s a loads and loads of like European grants and funding still out there that’s actually getting the grant the money because he obviously with them with the grant funding from you’ve been things you have to have the cash upfront to get those forty percent of what extra grants that are out there so to look in to see whether you can actually use that money to get further grants as well because that’d be awesome yeah then the other thing is looking I mean one of the great things about having a sound is insurance is compulsory so in a lot of businesses you don’t have to have insurance but in a you know the business where you’re you know fiddling with people’s skin you do have to have insurance so what what insurance companies tend to sell you is quite a comprehensive kind of insurance package for the whole business so if you have a look through your insurance policy you might actually find that you’re covered for an amount of business interruption it might be like a single you know normally they have a cap on it like up to fifty thousand pounds for example but Chancellor actually the Chancellor actually announced that cove at nineteen is what is known as a recognized disease now the recognized diseases for insurance basically you know weird things like smallpox and polio and random stuff basically the insurance companies I think could be fairly confident you’re never going to claim on but but now he’s added that as as a recognized disease it means that all of those insurance policies potentially cover some business interruption as well so if you think about it if you’ve got % of your salaries covered you’re not having to pay your v you’re not having to pay your PA ye you’re not having to pay your rent your you all your lease is suspended so you’ve got no outgoings from those you’ve got a , pound grant for from the government and you can claim business interruption from your insurance company you know there might actually be a little chink of light at the end of the tunnel there you come out of this in a slightly better position than then you went in and and look I would probably spend the downtime that you have learning new stuff about your business I mean there there are there’s a couple of key areas where think you can really stand out as a business one of them is improving your social media and personal profile within your community and within your industry so writing articles publishing content just getting stuff out the positions you as there as the go-to person in your particular sector there’s a great book about that which you can get for Kindle which is called become a key person of influence by a good friend Rhinebeck Priestley I know she’s new I did the KPI program as well it’s highly recommended so I would yeah you know read that book it’s quite it’s quite a short easy read actually and and give it will give you some great ideas about how you can position yourself better and like I say in your industry and in your community to better capitalize and you know the thing that normally slows people down with the content and well time is now one of the things everybody seems to have a load of and then you know in terms of kind of business turnaround and acquisition stuff which is obviously my passion I mean we we published tons and tons of free content I mean if you follow me on Instagram which is Harbor dot Jeremy so Harper is spelt in the English way so har Bo you are so far but Jeremy on Instagram we published videos every day on there sometimes a couple of videos a day on different things you can do in your business different tactics different ideas around acquiring competitors for no for no money down so you know just tons and tons of content you go to our website as well the websites linked from Instagram account there’s a free report you can download which gives you a whole bunch of the basics as well so well you’ve got this down time you know just consume all of the free content that’s out there to try and get you kind of you know up to speed with some of these ideas because I understand you know you’ve probably been running a business for many years and this is a completely new area and it’s very easy just to say like well I don’t understand it therefore you know I’m gonna leave it alone whereas look you’ve got some time now you can you can really up your game you can really you know improve yourself so I’d always recommend you know they always say invest in yourself you know and I think it’s just a really easy way you can do it and all you have to invest is your time just to spend a little bit of time going through the stuff it’s better than better than drinking away through the drinks cabinet anyway there’s a lot of content out there at the moment it’s necessarily great content or and that’s what I’m trying to do is get like true experts on every subject so that it’s the best advice out there and I know hasn’t gone on to Jeremy’s Instagram it is brilliant content that Jeremy puts out it’s not just you know that there’s actually real hard like yeah you can action that kind of tips in there it’s yeah I’m for the content that’s published out there is published by people with an axe to grind so they’re you know advisers who want to sell you advice so there you know lawyers brokers these kind of people that are trying to convince you to have more lawyers and brokers or it’s you know most of the books are about leveraged buyout which is just where you borrow tons of money from the bank and use that to buy companies well anyone that did that in the last couple of years is gonna really feel the pain right now all the loans out and you haven’t got any business anymore so you know we advise against that model we always have done you can find videos from me back in advising against that particular business model so yeah there is an awful lot of terrible advice out there and there’s a lot of people obviously you know we do we do sell a training course I’ll be completely open and about that there’s a community attached to it but we’re not a training business in the traditional sense we are deal makers that share our information with our community so you know with most of these training courses they’re just trying to sell you the next thing and the next thing and trying to upsell you to some you know mentoring program or something we don’t have any of that kind of nonsense we literally have a community that people can join if they want to do and not if they don’t and actually we publish so much content that you can learn a lot of the stuff you know through what we’re we’re publishing so you don’t need to join the community obviously there’s huge advantages in doing so that’s why we have one but you know you there’s so much stuff you can get for free from us and you might as well consume all of that while it’s there how are you doing anything in in the UK Jeremy I know you were and you had something on it just a matter of a few weeks ago but obviously with your call how often do you over in the UK doing anything now yeah so we normally do so I’ve seen I’m based in Singapore and we operate the harbor club in Australia Singapore the UK and the US so we actually did Los Angeles and then London a week apart and then pretty much when I left London everything shut down [Music] it was a lucky escape I think yeah so back home in Singapore now but yeah we’d only do five events a year in the UK the UK is by far and away the biggest part of our community we have a lot of people there and now obviously under the current circumstances we’re doing a virtual training program so it’s still the three days and it’s still on you know still over three whole days but we’re delivering it through yeah a virtual delivery with lots and lots of other content that’s delivered to people so they get all the learning and the information club events calm so WWF club events calm again Harper’s har B oh you are so harbor club events calm if you go onto they’re actually the best thing to do if you go to that website is to I mean there’s tons of videos and stuff like that on there but is to download that free report that I mentioned and have a go through that because I’ll give you a flavor as to whether this is something for you or not you know you’ll get an idea it gives you some ideas about how you can find opportunities it gives you some idea as to how you can approach them an example of a deal structure with no money down to enable you to buy so here’s the joy of from home I get a three role joining thank you look you can say hello so say hello yeah yeah you have you’ve got to have you so I can have one is that right [Music] what are you going obviously you’ll be gone through this is what I’ll do because you have some businesses worldwide businesses you’d be gone through all of this that we gone through really newzealand turn the video off again I think so yeah no it’s interesting different businesses are reacting in different ways so I mean for example we’ve got a company in the UK that has a contract with Harrods and it’s but it’s for a big refurbishment and obviously Harrods is closed down which means they can actually deliver it quicker get paid quicker so you know so some there are some advantages some disadvantages the companies that we’re talking to at the moment like in our deal pipeline it’s fascinating so one of them you know provides tall buses for musicians and you know they were saying that actually the all the events have been postponed until September so they get paid out by the insurance so whether they do the work or they don’t do the work they’re still being paid which is great and potentially they get to do it all again in September so you know there are yeah there are highlights but it’s obviously incredibly disruptive I mean and and it’s more the unknown part that that’s panicking people because I think until we get some kind of sense as to when this finishes I think everybody’s going to be yeah reluctant to spend money reluctant to take action about I feel like it’s gone in stages you know the you uncertainty we had we all had the uncertainty of like you know the the prime minister said that wellness centers massage parlors and spas had to close well like well do we fall into that category or do we not know and then there was like so much like of like whether we should or we shouldn’t you know I think now that the decisions made and like everyone’s closed I feel like then we moving into the next stage so I think that it’s like you’ve got to want one stage sort of has to end before you move into the next one I think now is the time for reflection to think about what you want your business to be and so to start if you you know if you want to reinvent because like you’ve seen this out of this is like all these opportunities coming out which you probably would never have like done before you know like like delivery and and you know and all that kind of thing so people start thinking outside the box and you know new ideas come out to change the business thing you know like we’ve had all this technology for ages that enable us to work a lot more from home and use the cloud and things like that and then you’d speak to businesses who would just say oh no that wouldn’t work for us or that wouldn’t work for our culture or whatever and you know the last couple of weeks well guess what it works SST is the mother of invention and so I think yeah reinventing the business model is also going to be really really interesting I mean obviously you know going out to a salon to be pampered is you know is is a treat it is something that people like to do and I’m not sure how you know you how you can mobilize that because there are hairdressers and things like that have been around for for ages so would you get an uber of beauticians for example somebody you know does you know does stuff in your home and goes away again but but yeah I think it will force people to rethink how they do stuff and how they protect staff and customers but still have a business yeah still make people feel like they’re having a treat and spoiling themselves but without you know associated risks and things like that so yeah it’s gonna be really interesting the world will not be the same out the other side I think so many people have realized they don’t need an office they don’t need to work in the way they’ve always worked they don’t need to travel quite so much so I think it will have you know I’ll have a really big impact when even when it’s back to so-called normal I don’t think we’ll ever be back to the same again yeah I mean I know because I came out here a couple of weeks ago it’s Tyler and on with the idea that I just wanted to have some time to think and clear your head on what I wanted to do next so you know everyone now is being forced into doing that and I know the amount of like clarity I’ve got since I’ve been here you know and I think everyone now is just it’s starting into that you know because it’s never ever and we haven’t been forced into doing nothing you know I think actually I mean yeah I think what you’ll find though is % of the people do just hit that drinks cabinet and they end up you know they left on that public round about the grappler that’s been sitting in the back up there in dust for years you know ends up getting nailed I mean if you can get yourself some you know some of those big jumbo post-it notes and boil it back to bare basics of what do you really want out of life what’s your ideal what does your ideal day look like how do you manifest getting that ideal day one of the one of the steps that you need to take tomorrow to take you towards those goals you know all of that kind of traditional stuff watch typing goal-setting into YouTube watch a bunch of videos on goal setting and and try them oil you know still back the ideas and the things that you want to achieve and distill those back into actions that you can take every day you know I mean every January my wall ends up you know plastered in these giant post-it notes with ideas and things that I would like to like to do I think hopefully that’s going to be replicated in people’s living rooms bedrooms and home studies across the whole across the whole world as people really spend some time you know thinking about stuff and just remember that all the time you spend doing all of that kind of planning and resourcing you know you’re effectively you know massively ahead of your competitors you know you’re you’re gonna own the game because knowing you know % of people will be on that dusty bottle of grandpa you’ll be in the % so yeah we’re one of the experts on bringing in smell anymore and she’s huge unlike vision and kind of thing and you know I just think having the time to do that do all of like your vision work and as well like I could say was post-it know it’s just having a notebook with you all the time just because ideas will be coming to you all the time like when you least expect it when you note for a walk with the dog and all that kind of thing that’s when you really need to like be like writing it down so that you know it stays there I mean even at the time it doesn’t tend to make sense you know once they’ll come together so I’ve got it I’ve got a new twist on goal setting which I don’t know if your audience might like which is basically I think in me you know when I was growing up I grew up with the Gayle Conant tapes and things I don’t remember though if you went through that sort of phase well always think back then it was all about setting goals and having a vision and you know getting really emotionally connected to that vision and then we kind of went through a Tony Robbins era which was all about chunking that vision down into manageable pieces that you would then go in action and then in the last ten years we’ve kind of had the habit era which is all about creating habits because if you can do things on a habitual basis that takes you towards those chunks and those chunks take you towards those goals so it’s all been about you know making everything that you do a habit you know you don’t get fat from one pizza you don’t get from one salad that kind of idea I think the next evolution is is accountability and I’m calling it quantum accountability which is accountability down to like small details which is basically how you know you take those chunks and then you make basically share your actions with someone and then you speak to them on a regular basis about how you’re doing with those actions so for example every morning I write down all of my goals I write down my to-do list and my to-do list has to encompass things that include those goals because otherwise you end up caught up in the daily whirlwind of stuff that has to be done and you don’t actually take steps towards the goals and I then whatsapp it to my wife and also to a business coach and tell them what I’m going to do that day that takes me towards those goals and then the next day I have to report on what I know which of those things I did and what things I’m doing going forwards and it’s really weird just that little bit of accountability that you’ve told somebody else you’re going to do this and the potential embarrassment factor the next day of having to admit you didn’t do it or come up with an excuse as to why you didn’t do it it seems to create it’s a completely artificial pressure but it seems to create a pressure that actually makes you do things and I’ve been doing it all of this year and it’s it’s had a massive impact I mean I’ve you know health and fitness goals are through the roof I’ve I’ve dropped kilos I’m in the best shape of my life you know business goals and things like that that you know even when you you’re faced with this onslaught of crap that we’re going through now it still makes me make sure that every day there are some small steps in there that take me towards the things that I agreed as goals with myself back in back in January so I think this accountability thing I think will be you know and the next big step in terms of cheap stuff that you’re setting out to do basically brilliant idea though as well because I think to start that now because you know it’s it’s so easy when you when you’ve been in a routine and that routines run out the window you need another routine kind of thing we don’t you think you need you cantabile d Oh like you say they’re just gonna hit the bottle if I can just like have a line and and then you know just go for a walk and you know you need you need to have that accountability I think that’s a brilliant idea give it a spin I mean everything that we yeah I mean I’m just going to see what other questions is there I knew today we just have like people like like in all of like listening to to what you had to say because you know it’s very very in our industry that we ever get anybody like your experience to and to speak to us so you know I’m ever grateful for you to a few jumping onto to do this and right and got some questions right do you think we should reduce staff hours on return for a while after lockdown can we do this if we get the eight percent government grant well so obviously eighty percent government grant is conditional upon you paying the other percent but you can defer your PA ye so effectively from a cash flow perspective you’re kind of covered but I would say when you get back to being open there’s obviously going to be a period of time where you’re ramping back up to capacity and so it doesn’t really make sense to have you know once once you can see that the % is gonna run out it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to have you know to be over capacity through that through that period so yeah I would say most businesses are going to be a bit smaller you know in the in the short term but hopefully you know it should it should get back to you know its normal fairly quickly I mean I would guess things it’s like epilation and you know those kind of things there would be a pent up demand so people might not be able to do it for a while but they’ll bloody well need it when the time comes you’re saying I think you know the social media thing keeping in touch with people and things and and then you know and as well like they should be you know we I think we will get some notice of when we are going to be able to reopen kind of thing it’s then just getting in contact with all clients getting them all booked in if not before I mean what we’re doing without is is we’re actually rebooting their appointments now to when we think we’re going to be open and then move them forward you know so and we use Matic now to make sure that we’ve got everyone looked into a Christmas yeah it’s a great idea you know because you know that we genuinely do believe that there’s going to be like this you know big mass of people wanting to come in all together and if you you can’t accommodate your regular clients they’re going to go somewhere else because there will be so many people just thrown out staff dollars to try and entice you clients away and because won’t of thought about anything else to do kind of thing so you know I think and so hopefully not having to reduce staff hours when a small manufacturer and was going to launch a refill scheme for beauty salons how would I reach out to salons now they are closed good good question I mean one of the things you could do is have a look if you look on Companies House records so I mean you can use things like credit safe or handle I think n dollar you can use for free in the UK yen do le there you can normally get the directors mister dress for limited companies so if you have a list of sounds you can type them in and it will give you the directors service address that’s quite often the home address or I would possibly say even using LinkedIn so sales navigator if you go into LinkedIn there’s a thing called sales navigator within sales now we go to you could identify you know salons in the UK and then you can reach out now linkedIn has a thing called in mail which you pay for but instead of using that you can just do a connection request so you can request to connect to that person and you can type I think it’s up to words or characters that you can put into a like a little box in the invitation and so you could put a personalized message in there to each of them and reach out again that’s something that’s dead easy to do when you’re sitting at home trying to avoid that grandpa yeah yeah that’s the one Quentin ones after we allowed to do delivery well yes as long as it’s safely I would decide yeah yes yeah deliveries are no problem or question when do you think we’ll be open don’t think anyone really knows that at the moment as good as mine look here in Singapore we were very strict around containment and tracing so you know we really jumped on every case that came up and contained it and reported it and all that sort of stuff and here our salons are open but we’ve got some really weird restrictions so I mean obviously cinemas and things like this are closed and theaters are closed sporting events are closed dinner my dinner reservation on Saturday they rang up to check a check that we were all living in the same household because you can only have more than two people for dinner if they live together I need to meet my wife and my kids so it’s ok but but yeah so there’s a few restrictions like that for salons here are still open at the moment and so I think basically what we will move from is we’ll move from a complete lockdown because the complete lockdown is needed to social distancing and the social distancing is just that we you know we there’s no group groups of people that generally we’re not put in environments where you know there’s you know people more than a meter of you know pack together so you just have to be a little bit careful with things like waiting areas and stuff like that that you’re managing it so that yeah there’s not groups of people gathering together and obviously you’re taking you know reasonable precautions around sanitization wearing a mouthful of background that and that kind of stuff so I think that kind of normal could probably be you know two to four weeks away two weeks if you’re really really lucky four weeks I think probably more likely and then you could see ya return to precautionary normal yeah thing is sort of salons being closed in Singapore no they didn’t gross them yeah right so I mean the things that are sort of higher does it possibly looking at a couple of months before everything because but you just don’t know cuz everything’s got to get back to it as soon as possible but I know they’ve got to get rid of everything so someone’s just asked and how are you worried and it’s Susan to get them boot change well basically we’re not wordnet we just as we can as someone as we’ve taken someone’s appointment out and we on the phone to them who can them back in and most of the one appointments anyways a week and we not taken from deposit someone’s just ask that just because I don’t think I think you know clients who being long-term clients and clients who want to come in Legally gonna be there anyway but I mean it depends what your policy is on that most most of the CRM systems for salons now have reminder stuff built into them don’t they they have you know SMS reminders email reminders that kind of stuff so actually having them in in the system like that it’s quite good because it’s going to send them a reminder automatically so you don’t need to do all of that and what dates info and looked at and June so and then what we’ve said to client says that as soon as we know we can move them forward from that one moves them forward but I just want make sure that we’ve got them there and so rather than sort of like ring them in a couple of weeks and say right we need to move again in the game because we’re quite busy anyway so we are just taking kinds in contact clients as we go kind of thing so they only take contact clients up until this Friday currently but we’ve sent out a message to everyone to say it so everyone knows that we closed and and then we are personally contacted because it’s a great time as well because getting in touch with clients is normally a nightmare but nobody’s doing anything so it’s a great time to get in touch with clients and to you know to just re-engage with them it’s like the perfect time you know we’ve never had before where you know that like Jenny Smith isn’t gonna be at work unless y’all see some care or in the NHS or a key worker but most of our clients at all don’t some things what do you think about doing a gift wrap campaign just treat yourself when this is all over type of campaign yeah I think it’s a great idea and there’s quite a few some ones were doing that beforehand as well and but yeah you know the thing is that I think at the moment I think people need to like get adjusted a little bit um because I think at the moment people are out buying extra toilet rules and food and things and using that cash that way I think once that sort of and eases off which I think would be next week I think that’s when it’d be a great time to start do about your campaign and it sort of even look at sort of um schemes or if you don’t move your clients already months ahead schemes for like you know treatment clients two extra things if they pay in advance of pay a monthly fee or you know ahead be careful how you phrase it but supporting your local business somewhere in the you know in the marketing material I think would resonate with some people as well I mean it’s been great there’s been a lot of someone’s contacted us to say you know that the clients have just given them money to put on their account you know just to help them out while this is going on we are all lucky that we’ve got great like flying towels and you know but that is you know it’s um really well in any business looking after your clients really really well and then at times like these they supportive Telugu salon during clients yeah actually yes and yeah that’s not a problem at all and whether when you’re there whether you want to bring products home and then start and force them out to client suit because that’s another thing everyone’s going to be running out of like the skin care product so at the same time have a look in the history and what they’re actually products the need and ring them up and you know a great thing to say is because I we don’t know when we’re gonna get restocked so get people to buy extra as well if you’ve got a great social media thing you could do as well would be like a seven day skin detox program or something where you know they do they do something each day with a mask and with a gel and with or something else and something else and you send them a bundle of a product and perhaps do some little videos instructing them how to apply it in the best way or or whatever you know things like that could be around at home you know it’s and yeah I mean there’s just so many ways to get inventive you know and I think it’s just it is a time where you know it’s a great time too because people have got time to watch videos people have got time to engage it’s just you know it’s it’s just a great time really like it’s to me I’m looking at as you know an opportunity to just you know reinvent yourself from random yeah exactly yeah exactly so what’s your plans in Jeremy at the back of drinks cupboard and third all tonight as I say not as I do [Laughter] right now there’s just so much noise going on my what I’ve decided to do is I’m gonna spend the next week or two publishing more content normal helping businesses that need help we know for kind of free you know just trying to give my advice and try and help people wherever I can and then I think when the noise are settled down a bit and when it’s not so chaotic then I think will be the opportunity to start reaching out to businesses and looking at who you know could be a good acquisition target or where you know where the future lies in those terms but right now I just think it’s too chaotic and there’s too much noise you’d be seen as being too opportunistic I think jumping at this at this point so yeah just help people wherever we can we’re all in this together it’s it’s a horrible place to be I’ve been in I’ve been in charge of businesses that have gone down the pan and it’s not not fun so you know I think you’re very lucky in the UK you have so much stimulus from the government you’re you know the UK government whatever you think of them have actually acted faster and better than pretty much everybody else in the world right now I mean in the u.s. they were dicking around with the Senate bill for the last week and it’s only just passed and it’s still not gonna get into the hands of anybody really for a little while longer and so you know they’ve already they’ve already seen a Spiker for a couple of million people unemployed because they don’t have the safety net that we have in there that you have in the UK so yeah yeah I keep saying you know these decisions that the government of have to make normally it would be months you know there’d be like you’d be looking at it then change in it look it’s just basically the moment you’ve just got to get something in place so it’s you know I think they’ve done phenomenally well you know it’s in spaces like me been out here like it’s changed so much I’m in for them to get the country in lockdown and to get to get like the everything further wages and everything in place it’s phenomenal feat kind of thing so yeah right Jeremy I know how busy you are still a couple of questions and things food what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna jump on after this and I’ll do alive just tell everyone how we gonna because the thing is we everyone’s got sauce or any questions at the moment so I’m gonna come upon it I’m doing a webinar on Monday as well which is a QA so I think one la did one last Monday and basically ran out of time and there were about unanswered questions so I’m gonna start it with the unanswered questions and then answer some more anybody wants to join that yeah find me on on Instagram so Harbor dock jeremy on instagram and then we’ll be publishing the link for the webinar on their coming brilliant yeah I mean I would recommend everyone to do that because Jeremy’s inflammation is just fantastic and say you know you just touched on a tiny that’s a bit of like the immense amount of information that like jeremy has got and and some of the business tactic so just amazing so yep I’m gonna say thank you so much Jeremy and um and I knew everyone will but so so much from this so thank you and yeah and she seemed so simple and everyone get on to Jeremy’s web webinar because I it’ll be fantastic brilliant take it

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