Are You Risking a £20,000 Fine?

Where staff and your legal obligations are concerned, the law can be an absolute minefield. To make matters worse, UK Salons can be easy targets for the tax man when it comes to employment law.

To find out more so our lovely salon owners can protect themselves, I recently persuaded employment law expert David Wright to answer some of the more pressing legal questions salon owners have. These question and answer sessions turned into a fascinating 4-video series with David.

David is not only the Employment Law Expert in my Salon Success Freedom Online Programme, you may also have seen his monthly column in Professional Beauty magazine. David also advises government organisations such as HABIA on employment law on our obligations.

Part 1 of this Employment Law series is all about Holiday Pay and our Legal Obligations.

David also addresses what we need to do if you find you aren’t paying your team correctly.

Ignorance of the law is never a valid defence, so make sure you don’t miss any of this important 4-video employment law series!

The next 3 videos will be released over the next 2 weeks. David covers hot topics such as

  • Changing Hours, what to do if your employee works different hours to their contract
  • Commission and how you can easily fall foul of the law
  • The legal requirements for Apprentices of different ages
  • Self Employed/ employed and how the law views this
  • How to legally protect your business against an employee taking your clients
  • And how to avoid that £20,000 Fine

You can find out more information on David and his work at

If you have a burning question for David or I, you can comment below. We love your feedback! Or you can pop your query in the Ask Susan box and David or I will respond as soon as we can.

Watch out for Video 2 on Friday.

Here’s to YOUR great business,

Susan. x


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