100% of Salon Owners surveyed recommended the Salon Success Freedom Programme to vastly improve business.

Salon & Clinic Turnaround Expert, Susan Routledge reveals her Proven 6 Step STABLE system that is turning ordinary salon businesses into Six Figure Success Stories

(… in just 6 months or sooner!)

I’m not sure about you, but I started my salon to prove I could make a real difference to my life and to have FREEDOM.

Freedom from the limits of working for someone else.
Freedom to create a secure future for my family and for me.
Freedom to do only what I love, and on my terms.
Freedom to buy what I want, when I want, and not worry about getting into debt.
Freedom to take long holidays, in exotic locations.
Freedom to retire young enough to enjoy life to its full potential.

Yet, I quickly got to the stage where, I felt anything but “free…”

In the first few years I would spend all of my time and money investing back into the salon,
I didn’t mind because it was all leading to fulfilling my dreams …or so I thought.
My dreams of Freedom started to drift further and further away as the business grew.
The more it grew, the more the responsibilities grew and I was totally engulfed in it all. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and couldn’t get off.

I spent every waking hour either in the business, or thinking about the business,
I spend my evenings with my ‘to do list’ and then added more to the list during countless sleepless nights.
I had a fantastic business on the surface, we were winning Business Awards at a rate of knots, but underneath the cracks were starting to show from not having experience in business growth.
Money was seeping out of the cracks and I didn’t have the time, energy or solid know how to avoid or fix them.

Fast Forward to Today….

And I have the businesses I dreamt of. I have multiple six figure businesses and other side projects, which all run on auto pilot giving me the freedom to work whenever and where ever I like.

I wake up excited and loving, each and every day, and I want that Freedom for you too.

Hi, my name is Susan Routledge…

After over 30 years of running and owning Hair, Beauty and Aesthetic businesses

  • With over 10 National Business Awards
  • And now a proud author, International Speaker and Industry Advisor.

I am so passionate about this Industry and great business, and I now have the pleasure of helping salon owners to safely make changes in their business, which will make them cash rich and give them freedom.

I made it my mission to learn from the world’s best business minds and business turnaround experts before perfecting and trademarking my STABLE business formula ready to change the fortunes of salon owners.

Over the years, I’ve learnt a few fundamental truths about success in this competitive market…

Overnight success is a dangerous Myth
Creating a successful, cash rich salon in a few weeks with a few tweaks? Forget it.
These promises of quick fixes are only temporary and leave frustrated and disappointed.

Marketing is not the secret to your success
Yes, Marketing plays a huge part in a salon’s success, but no matter how much “clever” marketing you do, there are steps you need to take first to achieve TRUE business success.

A Solid business foundation is the only way forward
No matter how well presented your salon is on the surface, your business will eventually crumble and fall if you don’t lay a strong business foundation.

It’s time to cut through the noise,
lies and confusion…

… with a system that blasts through the stubborn roadblocks standing in the way of your salon’s success.

See, that’s the real secret to success…

… a proven step by step system.

Not a fancy marketing gimmick that distracts you, and offers temporary solutions.
Not a flashy technology or big branding exercise.
Not a bigger location in the middle of the city.

A system that is proven, time and time again, to achieve lasting results for salon owners the world over.

I have that system.

It has taken me decades to master this system, gaining insights from the world’s leading entrepreneurs, along with my own hard-won experiences…
And now I’m passing this proven, finely tuned system onto you.

It’s called…


The Salon Success Freedom program is a tried and true 6-part video training system, to turn any salon into a highly profitable success story.

It’s the only industry specific program that focuses on the unique needs of salon owners, to gain total control of your business and ultimate cash rich freedom, whether you want to be involved, step away, or eventually sell one day for the ultimate pay day…

… with step-by-step instructions to regain healthy cash flow, grow your client base, and ultimately…

… run your salon business on autopilot, even when you’re relaxing on a beach with a cocktail, or just spending more time with the kids at home.

It’s based on the real life strategies I’ve used to launch and grow multiple beauty businesses, while I travel the world teaching other business owners everything I know.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

Module 1 – Strip your business bare
We’ll take stock of your salon, and identify the key areas of your business that need fixing first, including your cash, your clients, your team and your assets.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The REAL reasons you are in business (the answers might surprise you)
  • Your hidden goals, and how to make them a reality (these little-known motivators will push you forward fast)
  • Over 50 ways to quickly reshape your life, and your business, to run more smoothly, and regain the free time that’s been slipping away from you
  • How to create consistent cash reserves so you never lie awake worrying how you’ll pay your staff or unexpected bills
  • The real reason you aren’t earning the cash you deserve (it’s not what you think)
  • How to block-book your salon with dream clients that you love, and love you back
  • Are your team assets or expenses? Find out with this simple little exercise that you can do in less than 5 mins!
  • The truth about your stock costs, how to boost profit margins, and free up cash flow starting tonight…
  • Plus, at the end of this module, you’ll also receive my Little Black Book of Critical Contacts in this business – Experts involved at every step of the way who you can count on to help you overcome any hurdle that you don’t want to – or simply don’t have time to – face alone.

Module 2 – Unlocking the hidden treasure
We’ll quickly discover the hidden opportunities and “lost money” in your salon, including:

  • How to get more done, in less time
  • How to build an unbreakable confidence in running your business and dealing with your staff
  • How to protect yourself from cash flow problems; the biggest threat to every salon owner
  • The hidden cash that’s waiting for you, in places you never thought to look
  • My sneaky, but ethical ways to see what your clients are really thinking about you and your business, and how to use that information to transform your salon into the success it deserves to be
  • The simple way to get more clients lining up around the block, and effortlessly extract more money from each one, while they thank you for doing so!
  • Making your team happier and more productive, so that your salon becomes the talk of the town
  • Covering your staff – and you – from costly legal issues that can cripple your business
  • My secret strategies for selling old stock without discounting that cheapens your brand
  • A dead simple way to manage your stock like a pro, to reduce waste, save space, and optimize your profits, even if you can barely manage time for a cup of tea in the morning right now!

Module 3 – A new salon strategy for success

    Now we have plugged the cash leaks in your salon’s bucket, and created a stable foundation, it’s time to focus on the growth of your business. In this module, you’ll discover:
  • A unique personality algorithm that reveals the truth about how you appear to your staff, and how your personality traits can be used to create a more productive team that brings in happier clients, while reducing overhead costs (this is definitely something you won’t read in some stuffy book or blog post!)
  • My unique system to analyze your cash flow in a way that brings in consistent cash, and keeps money flowing to the vital organs of your business, like blood to a beating heart
  • A simple system to keep clients coming back for more, and telling their friends, without any incentives or cheap discounts!
  • How cost effective are your treatments? How much should you really be charging? I’ll reveal the truth about your costs, and how to make sure you make great profit from each and every transaction based on years of running my own salon and helping others succeed with theirs
  • The proven commission structures and pay scales that allow you to pay your staff fairly, without going broke.

Module 4 – BIG Branding, small budget

Branding is an essential marketing tool for surviving the fierce competition and raising your rates. Discover why big branding isn’t reserved for the chains, and the tricks you can use to turn your humble salon into a household name, including:

  • Where a brand truly begins (and it’s nothing to do with your salon, your slogans or your logos!)
  • How to get funding to grow your salon, boost your income, and create more awareness in the wider community.
  • How successful salons look after their clients and get massive rebooking rates, winning trust and strengthening their brand, when others struggle to fill their week.
  • Never again be stuck for promotion ideas, with my secret tactics to attract and keep clients as raving fans.
  • The signature salon treatments that build your brand and help you stand head and shoulders above the competition
  • The little-known trick to delivering services that require less time, but deliver more value, than typical salon treatments
  • The most powerful promotion strategy I’ve ever seen, that gets clients into a buying frenzy, without actually “selling” at all
  • My big secret to running offers than sell, without brand-damaging discounts.
  • The practical steps to training your team, and creating a strong sense of loyalty to your salon, even if you don’t offer the same rates as the big brand down the street
  • A simple way to create a mission statement that resonates with everyone in your salon, and has everyone marching to the same beat of the drum, creating a consistent salon experience, and keeping your clients happy
  • The proven process to building a team who will keep your salon above water, even when you’re sunning yourself on a tropical beach, or simply spending more time with your kids

Module 5 – Future-proofing your salon

Now you’re running a highly profitable salon that practically takes care of itself, it’s time to think about the future. If you stand still, you could end up sinking. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to plan your ultimate “escape” from your salon, financially, and practically, so you can live the rest of your life exactly how you want.
  • How to safeguard your finances, and create more secure relationships with banks, accountants and managers, so your cash always stays safe.
  • How to keep growing your client base with regular website updates and simple social media marketing (or outsource to someone else without breaking the bank!)
  • The 10 critical things your website must be doing, if you want to create a steady stream of new clients and daily bookings.
  • How to structure your salon packages so that you continue to stand out from the constant competition.
  • The trick to getting more from your suppliers, increasing your profit margins, delivery services, and product offerings.
  • How to leverage charities for major PR, community good-will, and a warm, fuzzy feeling of giving back to the world.
  • How to recruit, employ and train new members of your salon team, to have a more productive salon, and be able to take on more clients.
  • How to protect yourself when training staff, in case they leave
  • How to conduct the perfect interview, to attract dream employees who will help you grow your business in ways you could never imagine!

Module 6 – Keeping it ‘STABLE’

In this final module, you’ll be discovering even more winning tactics I’ve personally used – along with countless other successful salon owners I’ve worked with – to keep our salons STABLE, now and forever. Including:

  • Time allocation and delegation tricks to keep working on your business, not “in” it.
  • How to set amazing standards that your team aspire to, and give you the best chance of winning a game-changing award for your salon (this is worth the price of admission alone, as just 1 award can rapidly transform your salon in ways I never imagined!)
  • Tricks for tailoring your treatments to maximize productivity and profits for years to come.
  • How to limit the damage from clients who don’t show up, cancel, complain or leave bad reviews, and how to increase your reputation and word of mouth referrals as a result.
  • The secret sauce: How to create upsells and cross sells to triple your income, without tripling your client base.
  • How to create perpetual sales all year round, to reduce the risk of a “slow month” and never worry again where the payroll cash, or your next pay cheque is coming from.

It’s not just my expertise you’ll have access to, some of our industry’s biggest names have provided their specialist knowledge as part of this ground-breaking programme.

Catherine Trebble MBA

Online Marketing Expert

Catherine is the go-to expert for websites and social media for aesthetic, salon and spa professionals

Liz Ward

Brand Protection Lawyer

Liz is a multi award winning Brand and IP protection lawyer who specialises in simplifying the jargon to protect your brand assets.

Jean Pierre De Villiers

Motivation Coach & Peak Performance Strategist

JP educates people around the world on how to live a healthy, successful and fulfilled life.

Ruth Stewart

Graphic Design & Print Specialist

Ruth works nationally with salons to help them maximise their brand presence with unique print and promotional materials.

Steve Thomson

Salon Cashflow Expert

Steve is a Chartered accountant who specialises in showing salons and spas the best ways to maximise and improve their cash flow.

David Wright

Employment Law and Staff Issues

David is the HR advisor to
HABIA and writes a regular
Monthly column for Professional Beauty Salon Magazine

Here’s what other people are saying
about the Salon Success Freedom program:

“This program helped me become an award winning salon!”

“I don’t learn very well with online programmes and initially that’s what I feared. HOWEVER, I was very well surprised as the way this has been prepared and delivered. The presentations with the attached documents and spreadsheets make it really easy to follow and learn. The home works make it really helpful to set up and implement.

The content is very comprehensive. It also has a very good balance of presentations to introduce the modules, documents to read and spreadsheets. Also, having a working group to network and exchange views and comments is also excellent. As a result, this program helped me become an award winning salon! what else can I say?

The programme support really helps salon owners to ensure that you have a business that is successfully set up in every area… giving us peace of mind that we can go away from the business knowing that you have business that operates in a very structured way, successfully and financially sound.”


“Money saved just doing ONE of the modules…”
“The most useful part of Susan’s course is getting systems in place, and going through every aspect of the business. Susan’s program not only helps you get your business in order, but also teaches you more about yourself and personal priorities and development. I think that our money has been saved in just doing one of the modules.”


“It’s given me clarity, and confidence. Any business owner should see a good Return on Investment”

“It’s given me clarity on knowing where to start first to put positive changes into place. It’s helped me to gain confidence in myself and my business. The video clips are helpful to me and the printable pdf’s below make it all very clear and easy to understand. It’s packed full of content!! Certainly nothing is left out or is too vague in its explanation. If the course is fully completed, then any business owner should see a good return on investment”


So whether you’re trying to:

  • Save your staff
  • Grow your annual income
  • Win awards and recognition
  • Or simply to step back to have more free-time

… I GUARANTEE that my Salon Success Freedom program will help you get there faster…
… WITHOUT slaving over your business all evening and weekends.

If you’re serious about your salon’s success, and you’re ready to invest the next 6 – 9 months following my
step by step system…

… I guarantee you’ll be in a much safer, happier, more rewarding place when you reach the end of this programme.

But it’s not for everyone…

First, I want you to know that this is an extensive programme, lasting a minimum of 6 months.
That’s how long it takes to build solid foundations in your business… and those solid foundations will set you on the right path for life.

Second, as you might have guessed, this is NOT a push button solution. They don’t exist!
Which means that you will need to apply what I share with you.

However, it’s worth it… and I promise… when you start seeing dramatic changes, you’ll quickly see the huge payoff from every second you invest in this program.

So, the question is…

  • Isn’t it time to regain control to step back and actually enjoy your business, with more Me-time?
  • Isn’t it time to regain respect from the people who thought you’d never succeed with your salon?
  • Isn’t it time to become the envy of your closest competitors?
  • And isn’t it time to surprise yourself at the kind of money you can truly make, simply by running your salon with a proven system?

You can claim your place today in the Salon Success Freedom programme with a £357 deposit.
9 Month Course Starting Monday April 10th, 2016!

Payment Option 1
9 x £357
Your deposit will secure your spot today, followed by 8 recurring payments of £357 each
Payment Option 2
Save £216 With your one time payment of £2997

For a very limited time during the launch period, I have these exclusive bonuses for you:

Bonus 1

2 x 1-hour, private strategy calls with me, 1-to-1 worth £600

Bonus 2

Private community where you can learn and help each other thrive with the accountability factor.

Bonus 3

24 -7 Online and email Support from my team

Bonus 4

Access to my Business Experts in areas of HR, Finance, Social Media, Marketing, Recruitment and Law

Bonus 5

My fully interactive business resources & tools

Bonus 6

Follow along with our real-life video case study where a salon owner transforms their ordinary salon business into a six figure success story.
But wait, I’ve saved one of the most valuable Bonus elements to my programme until last.

Bonus 7

And to make it really easy…
I’ve arranged an easy pay option so you can lock in your place today, risk free, with 9 monthly payments of just £357.
I’m so confident in your success that I’m going to let you test drive it for 30 days, risk free!

So, over the next 30 days, I want you to apply the lessons in your salon business…
And if you don’t feel that what I’m teaching you will improve your business, then you pay nothing!

There’s just one condition…

You must show me that you’ve actually applied each of the steps in the first module. If you’re still not seeing results during the first 30 days, then I’ll refund your investment.

So why wait?

Click the order button right now to get started, lock in your seat to the Salon Success Freedom program, with your 7 high value bonuses, before it’s too late!