Interview with Catherine Trebble, Website & Social Media Expert

I’ve got a real treat for you this week…

Last week I invited you to post all of your social media issues in the Ask Susan Box. Wow, that turned out to be a real hot topic for so many of us!

I sifted through the most frequent questions and then I posed these questions to Catherine Trebble, Website & Social Media Expert in my Salon Success Freedom programme.

In this 11-minute video interview Catherine answered these questions, and she gave some fantastic tips on how you can maximise your online marketing.

Catherine is making a special gift for the viewers of this video to help you make your Facebook posts look Extra Special.

You don’t want to miss this content packed video. Grab a coffee plus a pen and paper and click on the Play button.



Here’s to your great business success,

Susan x

P.S. Make sure you post your details in the Ask Susan box to gain access your gift from Catherine…

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