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I help salon, clinic & spa owners across the world grow a more profitable beauty business, so they can work "ON" their business not "IN" it, while enjoying the freedom and rewards it provides, no matter what the economy throws at us.

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Susan is from a small industrial town in North-East England known for its huge steel works which dominated the area for generations.

In 1979 that all changed. At the height of a recession, British Steel decided to close the plant and overnight the town became one of the darkest unemployment blackspots in the country.

At around the same time, a young, ambitious Therapist had a dream. Newly qualified, fresh out of beauty training, she wanted to start her beauty business. Never scared of a challenge, where better to start, Susan thought, than her hometown…
Yes, a town with one of the highest jobless rates in the country, what could possibly go wrong?

Over the following years Susan worked night and day to gradually build up a successful beauty business.

She dealt with some failures for sure, but through steely grit and determination instilled by her upbringing, she quickly became a pillar of the local business community as a model for entrepreneurial success. But, she was also gaining traction in the national beauty industry too. With her infectious personality and incisive opinions she became a vocal advocate of independent beauty businesses and how they could achieve better results.

As her profile rose so too did recognition for her business with her aesthetics clinic winning national awards, breaking the mold from previous years where big city salons were the only winners.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Susan routledge salon turnaround specialist

What Susan's Students Are Saying

Susan is a life saver! Without her insight I am not sure if we would have still been a viable business, Susan walked us through what to do to step us back from the brink.
Spa Director
Working with Susan has literally added more profit to my business to the point that I can leave the day to day management to my team. Thanks you Susan!
Salon Owner
I don't have a head for business, but I love what I do. Asking Susan for her advice on how to run things better was the best thing I did, she has transformed my clinic.😘

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