Here’s what some of Susan’s clients have said about working with her…

Stefania Rossi

“Susan helped me to identify what had probably been the biggest blocker stopping me from taking my business to the next level and, in doing so, has helped me tackle it head on and work past it to ensure I grow my business.

Susan’s immensely kind, but firm nature combined with her years of expertise mean that her advice is second to none. She coaches you through obstacles that sometime s you don’t even realise are there, meaning you can address these with her advice and knowledge behind you.

Working with Susan helped me to keep on track and held me accountable even on the tougher days when motivation was eluding me!

I’d absolutely recommend Susan’s services to anyone running their own business, who wants to develop and grow professionally.”

Louise Booth

I have been running my Beauty salon in a beautiful market town on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors for 25 years now, employing up to 7 therapists at our busiest. New treatments, training and ideas were always something that I have been very driven by, permanently moving the business forward and in new directions. But with the arrival of children into my life and all the stresses and strains not to mention juggling that introduces I was beginning to find juggling business too, the final straw.

I no longer felt able to be dynamic or organised with my time or idea’s. Motivation and pleasure in the business were seriously wavering. Imagine my relief when at a meeting with one of my company reps I was told of a fantastic lady in county Durham who was running an extremely successful beauty salon and also offering consultancy services to other salon owners.

I immediately telephoned Susan Routledge. Beauty therapy is a very competitive and cut throat business these days and it can be very difficult to find someone who takes a genuine interest and concern in your business. So it was with huge relief that I made an appointment to visit Susan at her salon for a meeting.

Susan is a fantastic lady, full of enthusiasm and was a great inspiration and support to me, giving me back self-belief and confidence to regain direction within my business. We discussed lots of ideas and strategies that I have since implemented in the salon, helping me to be proactive rather than reactive all the time, which has shown an immediate increase of up to 20% per week since giving myself better organisation. I still have the option of Susan’s professional consultancy work in the salon if I feel a need for greater help and support which is such a great relief to find someone to turn to as a friend , mentor and support in times of need. It can be very lonely sometime being self-employed and finding the right person for you in your business, I feel very fortunate to have chanced upon Susan and feel sure that I will continue to keep in touch with her professionally throughout my future in business. She continues to be a great support to me often sending emails with links to useful articles and information which she feels could be of help to me, she is a fantastic fountain of knowledge and a lady to get to know.

Nikki Atkinson,Essential Health & Beauty

Susan Routledge is without doubt the person I recommend to any business owner looking to maximise profits from their business. Susan doesn’t give you meaningless theory – all the tools she uses, from financial analysis & forecasting to working systems she has perfected in her own businesses and the businesses of those people smart enough to hire her. If you get a chance to work with Susan, do it – you won’t regret it!


I met Susan at a Professional Beauty show having been introduced by a Company director who she dealt with from an equipment supplies point of view. At the time we were in the process of researching the supply of equipment with view to opening our own salon. Our initial contact was very interesting as, at the very first meeting with Susan, we felt her quiet yet self assured personal style shine through. We felt like we had known her for a long time yet we had only just met her. What stood out for me was the way in which she embraced us from the very start in an open and very friendly manner. This was an early sign of Susan’s interpersonal skills and she deploys this skill in all of her dealings with people. Susan’s social skills are only one side to her as a business advisor / mentor. Her understanding of the beauty business environment is extensive and relevant. Being in the position of establishing, running and building a successful business affords her a contemporary perspective which is always on point and takes into account the realities of the industry and its ‘ebbs and flows’. This is of crucial importance to people attempting to enter into this industry as Susan can see the direction of travel the industry is going in. This macro view of the industry means that the advice and leadership never needs to be ‘second guessed’ it is always acute and meaningful.

Susan’s ability to see the pitfalls of entering this industry is invaluable. Her advice helps people who do not already have the industry knowledge they need to avoid the very expensive mistakes that can be made. Her communication style is such that she is capable of delivering difficult and sometimes sensitive messages without you ever feeling patronised or embarrassed. Our venture is vastly better off for our knowing Susan. She has helped us to avoid some major financial mistakes (which we would have made) by her careful, considered and expert mentorship in the role of business in the beauty industry. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an excellent example of a business advisor and as a wonderfully warm individual.

Gary HoltDirector at Really You

When I was introduced to Susan at the Professional Beauty show North last year, I thought I wanted to open my own style and beauty salon. I’d just committed to buying an expensive piece of ‘state of the art’ equipment, intended to be the star piece of my new premises. It was suggested I chat with Susan, who had already made a great success of the advanced treatments delivered by this equipment at her own salon. Susan quietly thought my plans were very ambitious! I’d not ever had my own business before and my plans were adventurous. After having always really enjoyed being a consumer of beauty treatments and products, I’d enrolled to do a fast track NVQ to equip me with the skills I needed for my plans.

Susan wanted to make sure I knew what I was taking on. Before I knew it She’d arranged for me to meet other successful salon owners to hear about their journeys and challenges. She took me to an open day at the leading beauty college in the North. Already I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the choices and decisions I needed to make for my plans. I didn’t realise how big the industry is and, actually doing my NVQ taught me that I preferred to be the consumer of treatments rather than doing them myself.This was confirmed when Susan encouraged me to read the first few chapters of her book, ‘So you think you want to open a beauty salon’.

Susan helped me explore my reasons and what my passions were really for. She did this by way of asking me questions to uncover my true thoughts and fears. This made me stop to consider lot’s of things I’d over-looked.

Just in time I realised that my plan was way too ambitious and my expectations unrealistic. I now knew this wasn’t for me after all. Susan saved me from making a very expensive mistake that could have cost me ££££’s, not to mention the stress I’d have loaded upon myself.

I look to Susan as a valued and trusted friend and business mentor. I’ve learned to think smaller and to set myself more realistic goals. I’ve also met some wonderful contacts through knowing her.
Setting up a business is so much harder than I thought it would be, however with Susan’s help and expertise leading me, I know I’ll achieve what I want to.
Vanda RobbDirector Vanda Robb Image & Style



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