How to Provide Excellent Client Service

excellent customer service for spa

excellent customer service for spa

You think you know your business, but how does everyone else see it? Are you providing excellent client service to make your clients coming back for more treatments?

I see all too often, salon owners can build a business solely around themselves, and are totally blinkered to everything and everyone around them. Don’t get me wrong, your business needs to take on your identity, but it also needs to identify the needs of your clients.

The only way you can truly know what your clients want is to ask them in general conversation, but make sure you are not only hearing what you want to hear. You could also be more formal and do an anonymous questionnaire if you prefer.

Clients will often open up more to your staff, but you need to take on board everything you are told and act on it as soon as possible…good or bad! As we all know some clients do like to have a bit of a moan, so please only question clients who you know will give you honest constructive feedback.

Never ignore the moaners or their gripes will get told to all their friends and possible future clients if you don’t address them in a positive manner.

Do you really know if your clients like the music you play, or does it become irritating to them? This is the kind of information you need, whether you think it is relevant or not. These little things can be the difference between a good client experience and a great one.

It is far easier and cheaper to keep your existing clients happy than constantly having to look at new ways to source extra ones. A happy client will tell all of her friends, bringing in a stream of new clients. But equally so an unhappy client will also tell all of her friends, which could literally cost you your business!

It really is the little things that make the difference. Excellent customer service costs nothing but unfortunately a lot of salons just can’t be bothered to go that extra mile to make a client feel special and valued.

People love to feel part of something and your staff and clients are no different and should totally feel part of your business.

Businesses pay consultants huge fees to analyse their organisations, yet they haven’t even consulted their own staff or clients as to where they can improve. You have your own personal team of consultants at your fingertips. Make sure you use them!

Susan Routledge works with salons, spas and clinics to help them to get the most out of their businesses. You can contact Susan here>>