Stefania Rossi’s 7 Top Tips to Becoming a Top Employer

Susan Routledge, Stefania RossiI’m absolutely bursting with excitement this week because we not only have the following Top 7 Tips from recently awarded Professional Beauty Employer of the Year, Stefania Rossi, but we also have the full audio interview, which absolutely oozes Stefania’s passion and drive. This passion has helped her transform Utopia from a salon surviving solely on offers, to the prestigious quality salon it is today.

Stefania is a true pleasure to work with. She’s such an inspirational entrepreneur who constantly thinks outside of the box to inspire her team. You won’t believe what she did in January! Find out at the 25-minute mark in the interview produced for us by Pete Scott from Spa Beauty Success.

So here goes….

  1. Have a clear business plan and vision.

    If you want to inspire your team you must have a clear plan in place so the whole team can see the journey you are taking them on. You build immense loyalty when a team feels part of your journey, and they feel that they have an important role to play. Stef has retained and developed the full Utopia team through massive change and transformation while totally rebranding Utopia.

  2. Take time to Implement clear systems and processes.

    It takes time to systemise a business, but this is invaluable. Stef can easily step away from her business now, safe in the knowledge that everyone knows what is expected of them and how to manage each process. The business continues to strengthen day by day due to the detail Stef has put into even some of the simplest procedures.

  3. Set The Highest Standards

    Once you raise the bar, you have to keep those standards. You must keep your whole team accountable to work to the highest standard, and have a full training programme so clients consistently receive the expected level of service.

  4. Empower Your Team as Individuals

    Spend time with each member of the team to really find out what inspires them. Then you can help them to become their best version of themselves in the workplace. Encourage each individual to be open and honest with how they want to develop within the business.

  5. Have a continuous training and development programme

    A team needs to constantly stimulated with new knowledge and ideas. This can take lots of forms, from supplier training through to attending trade shows, reading trade magazines etc. Always have lots of ways to stimulate new learning within your team.

  6. Build trust with clients.

    Ask clients what they want, don’t just guess! Find out what your target market really wants, and then develop your brand and team so that it resonates perfectly with your client base.

  7. Share your Vision

    It was January 2014 when Stef took over Utopia in Hornchurch. From the very first meeting with the team, she has inspired them to think of the business as if it were their own, and to realise how important they are to the business. Stef and her team have grown and developed the business together. This has been so much more inspiring to the team than to simply follow the owner’s dream with no sense of purpose for themselves.

Enjoy the Full Interview by clicking here>>


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