How to Prevent Christmas No-Shows

One of the most common questions I get asked by Salon Owners, especially coming up to a busy period like the run-up to Christmas—is how to handle and eliminate Christmas No-Shows.

preventing-christmas-no-showsThe first question I would always ask in return is “Which part of this problem are you responsible for?” Most respondents will put total responsibility on the client and never on the salon. In my view that’s not quite how it works.

I know it can be so frustrating, and sometimes infuriating when a client doesn’t show up. But it can be a cop-out to put the blame totally on the client.

I really don’t believe there’s a bank of clients out there trying to disrupt your appointment system and jeopardise your continued business. Instead I believe that you have to take more responsibility in helping your client remember and respect their appointment booking with you.

Especially in the busy season coming up to Christmas, everyone has extremely busy lives trying to remember so many things, whilst also juggling work and family routines.

Although your treatments and appointments are a huge focus in YOUR daily life, the importance of remembering a facial appointment can easily and unintentionally pale into insignificance in the hectic whirlwind world of your client. It’s up to you to do all you can to ensure that your client has their appointment in the forefront of their thinking by keeping in contact with them with gentle reminders.

Historically, most businesses will just sit back and hope and pray that the client will remember this appointment. That’s a big ask considering the appointment can be anything up to 6 weeks away.

When we look at things from our clients’ perspective we can understand a lot better why our clients forget.

Here are some tips to help reduce the Christmas no-shows problem:

Salon Christmas working hours explained…


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