How To Improve Your Client Retention by 1000%

improve client retentionHowever you price your services, and whichever type of client you’re trying to attract, you’ll always have competition. So how do you make sure that your salon is head and shoulders above the others? How can you retain your clients, and even gain more, if your competitors are offering the same services as you, and charging the same prices?

How can you differentiate your salon from the rest?

There’s one thing you need to focus on. And that’s your LEVEL OF SERVICE.

It’s service that makes the difference between retaining your clients or losing them to competitors that are perceived to offer greater value.

The key is to really focus on every aspect of your service. How much extra value could you offer? You might already be thinking that you are already offering your absolute best.

Let’s test that out.

One of the best ways to register if you and your team are offering the best customer service possible is to add an imaginary zero to the prices of all of your treatments. It’s as simple as that.

Imagine that you’re charging these higher prices already.

What would your clients expect if you were to charge your client ten times the price you currently charge? You would instantly up your game. What levels of service would your clients expect for this price?

  • I am sure they would expect you to be the absolute expert in everything you say and do.
  • I am sure they would expect the absolute maximum levels of cleanliness and treatment standards.
  • I am sure they would expect you to make them feel special and valued in lots of small ways both before, during and after their treatment as well as between treatments.

Think about that extra zero:

  1. Would you really have your treatment room looking the same?
  2. Would you really give exactly the same advice to your clients?
  3. Would you really only look after your clients while they are in your salon?

I believe we should over deliver and never settle for just a GOOD level of service.
Customer service should be your key focus area as it’s one of the lowest costs of marketing your business and has maximum benefit to your bottom line. Excellent customer service turns your clients into loyal fans who will rave about you to anyone who will listen – in effect, they’re your marketing team.

If you’ve added your zero, asked yourself honestly about your levels of service and found some gaps, then it really is time to STEP UP. Your clients really do deserve to have the best no matter what you charge.

Look after your clients, or someone else will.

How did adding an imaginary zero work for you? It’s Tip No. 7 of 50 ways to improve your customer service in my book, The Little Book of Client Retention.

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