Business Balance Programmes

After years of studying business traits in different industries, I have always found that every business has at least one weakness within the five key business areas, this results in an imbalance that will cause money to literally leak out of a business.

The five main business areas are: Cash – Clients – Staff – Asset Building – You The Key Person

To stem this costly money drain and to keep your business in perfect flow, you need to stabilise any business imbalance. But first you need to identify where the imbalances are. Click here to take the Business Balance Calculator.

Once I have analysed your profile, I will send you your own personal business balance profile along with any appropriate program discounts and payment terms (if available) along with an invitation to a complimentary business results profile call

These programmes are not designed to be a ‘fits all’ solution, they are tailored exactly to YOUR business, and are specifically designed to improve and vastly enhance your existing business model and brand.

Payment Terms Available

Swift Intensive
£ 1800
Designed to make a swift & Intensive difference within 1 day spent at your premises looking at all key areas and systems including Cash –Clients-Staff-Asset Building-You
Fact Finder Questionnaire to establish initial aims and goals for the business and owners
A Full Day Visit anywhere in the UK & Ireland
A Full Written Report of findings, suggested improvements and Key Tasks to take the business forward
1 hour intensive skype session to talk through the plan, improvements and timescales for improvements.
Thoroughly Savvy
£ 3997
Fact Finder Questionnaire Initial outline progress plan 8 x 1-hour Intensive Skype sessions covering every area of the business
Specific business plan Business webinars & interview access
Access to Susan’s expert contacts & discounts
Tailored work sheets specific & exact for your business
Access to members resources site. Unlimited email access to Susan & her team
Thoroughly Savvy PLUS
Combining all of the benefits of a SWIFT INTENSIVE day with you at your premises plus...
A full 4 month tailored THOROUGHLY SAVVY program
Covers every aspect of your business for maximum results.
Personal 121 Preference
Susan is available to work on a personal 121 basis for INTENSIVE TURNAROUND or when you just feel you need someone there to guide you through a breakthrough.
Includes salon visits & unlimited phone and email access plus...
Everything within the THOROUGHLY SAVVY program
Fully Tailored and very effective.