Are You Killing Your Salon Cash-Flow?

Imagine someone gave you £30,000 to spend in your business. No strings attached.

Being An Owner Of A Salon – What would you do?

I bet you’re thinking Wow; I would love that. I could buy that extra piece of equipment, put it towards a refurb, take on extra staff…

But would it really make a difference to your long -term cash flow?

Sadly, statistics show that it wouldn’t.

Shockingly, there is over a 90% chance that you would end up in the same financial situation as you started within less than a year!!

That is unless you were to change both your mindset around money and also restructure your business systems to accommodate the new cash injection.

Salon owners often tell me that they are working so hard, and feel like they have totally exhausted every idea to get more money in the bank, and then when they get cash, it is gone again in a flash.

There are two things that have magnified as a result of their situation.

These are their feelings about lack of money and also how they are handling their business in general by running on low self-esteem, even though on the surface they seem fine.

So what can you do?

Firstly, realise that there is nothing wrong with either you, or your business.

I firmly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that as salon owners, we have to accept 100% responsibly for our current situation.

How we handle the situation in our head is the difference between great results or continued mediocracy.

Mindset is such a huge topic, but simply said, you must become very aware of your internal and external dialogue.

It has been proven over and over again, that if you speak in terms of lack and not enough-ness, that it will continue to be your reality.

How often are you talking about how bad things are? talking about what is going wrong around you? jealous that others have what you want?…then STOP!!

Instead, consciously look at what you can learn from where you are now, and feel truly grateful for all you have no matter how big or small.

We take so much for granted and don’t give ourselves credit for how far we have come, or all that we have.

Secondly, Take time to sit quietly and start to forge a plan of action to get you to where you want to be, and regularly revel in your mind at what your next success and milestone will look like.

If £30,000 appeals to you, then what would it take for you to get that next extra £30,000 in the bank, and then grow it further?

It may seem like a distant dream currently, but the more you can visualise it, then the more likely it will become your reality.

Make sure you focus on getting the result and not the current lack of not having it. It does take a lot of focus to steer away from negative thoughts to start with, but it does get easier with time.

Thirdly, Write down your ideas, and most importantly the reasons why they are important. What systems and processes do you need to implement or change to help aid your goal into reality?

List these out in a notebook so you can clearly see the steps you need to take.

List who’s help you need to enlist to help you achieve your goal. The clearer you are on your vision, then the easier it is to get others on board with your future plans.

Keep your journal close to you at all times, and stay focused by re-reading your ideas regularly.

I can always remember writing goals such as winning Professional Beauty Salon of the year, dreaming of speaking in Dubai and getting a diamond ring that I literally had a photo of for 10 years before manifesting it. All came true, even though they seemed outrageous dreams to start with.

We are always taught that seeing is believing, but it is strongly proven to be the other way around.

If you can believe it, then you will see it, and all by keeping firm focus on the result, rather than lack of it.

I love the fact that every business worldwide, started with an idea in a business owners head.

Everyone has started with that first ever customer and a vision for the future.

It’s what happens from there that defines the difference of your success, and that comes solely down to YOU, so get planning and dreaming now!!

Here’s to your great business success.

Susan x

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